Operation oversees the transport of children and adolescents in boats to Parintins

The action, that protects a child and adolescent protection, It takes place on a ferry, near the Meeting of the Waters.
26/06/2019 20h13 - Updated 26/06/2019 20h13
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As part of actions to combat the abuse and sexual exploitation infantojuvenil, Manaus Prefecture reinforces guidance to passengers proceed to the Parintins Festival, with the surgery hot plate, coordinated by the Municipal Women, Social Welfare and Citizenship (Semasc). The action, that protects a child and adolescent protection, It takes place on a ferry, near the Meeting of the Waters.

The deed is done during the work of the Navy of Brazil, through the Command of the 9th Naval District, which is responsible for enforcement of standards inland navigation and passenger transport by rivers of the Amazon, and also has the presence of the Guardian Council in checking the documentation of children and adolescents. Till Friday, 28/6, the forecast is to oversee 150 vessels that heads to the island Tupinambarana.

"We are conducting a traffic stop in midstream. It is important to remember that the city participates every year of operation. We are here not only to raise awareness, it is important that the safety net also have a look at human trafficking, since it is one of the biggest illegal trades in the world ", He warned the secretary of Semasc, Conceição Sampaio, present in the inspection carried out on Wednesday, 26/6.

The secretary added that government efforts to abuse and child and adolescent sexual exploitation occurs throughout the year, with shares also held by Manaus Solidarity Fund, coordinated by the president of the body and first lady, Elisabeth Ribeiro Valeiko. "For a determination of Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, always very sensitive to the issue, we intensified this process while moving the Parintins party ", strengthened.

The Parintins Festival is an event that has the largest number of vessels and passenger sport and recreation on the Amazon River. Vessels trafegarem the Amazon River, in Manaus stretch (AM) - Juruti (PA), in this period, They will also be audited in positions structured by the Western Amazon River Captaincy (CFAOC).

"We have three checkpoints in the cities of Manaus, Itacoatiara and Parintins. All vessels are required to stop at the local. We also work with the awareness of people on the manning of ships, because, sensitizing them, we make them become tax they do not come more passengers during the journey ", He explained the Captain of Ports in the Western Amazon, Alexandre Veras, adding since the monitoring start on Monday, 24/6, only two vessels were prevented from following travel by enabling drivers and safeguard material.

The child protection agency has inspected the documentation and transport of children and adolescents, based on the new Law No. 13.812, from 16 March 2019. "Fiscalizamos, mainly, the documentation of the small. According to the law, no child or adolescent 16 years may travel outside the region where you live, unaccompanied by parents or guardians without express judicial authorization ", the counselor explained protect Manoel Junior.

The passenger Waldir Sanches, 33, following trip to Parintins accompanied by his daughter and applauds the work of the Manaus City Hall in the protection of the rights of children and adolescents. "That's what should be done to prevent these offenders of minors from taking advantage of this festive time. Another interesting point is the monitoring of children without documentation in boats ", said his father.

reporting channels
If the traveler to witness or be suspicious of any situation of violation of rights in vessels, protection network has three channels of communication: Dial Human Rights (0800-092-6644), Denunciation (0800-092-1407) Dial and National Human Rights (100).

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