Alleged hacker group reveal that Glenn Greenwald 'hired’ Russian hacker to invade Live chat

The group 'The Mysterious Peacock' laid out what would be the financial transaction receipts made in Bitcoin, an encrypted coin that leaves no trace.
17/06/2019 10h16 - Updated 18/06/2019 14h15

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Internet users are impacting allegations that the journalist Glenn Greenwald paid a Russian hacker to invade the authorities phones as Minister Sergio Moro and the prosecutor of the Republic Deltan Dallagnol. On Sunday afternoon (16), an alias of hacker group The Mysterious Peacock laid out what would be the financial transaction receipts made in Bitcoin, an encrypted coin that leaves no trace.

The payer would be Glenn Greenwald, editor do site The Intercept, which recently released messages exchanged between Moro, Dallagnol and other prosecutors Lava Jet. The benefit would be the Russian hacker Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, wanted by the FBI and considered the greatest hacker in the world.

According to the Mystery Peacock, mogul Pierre Omidyar, owner of the intercept and giant shopping online E-bay, It is the sponsor of the Russian hacker. He would have paid the equivalent of R $ 300 thousand the exposed material by Greenwald. Omidyar is also named as responsible for the financial collapse of Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych.

Also according to the complainants, the movement has been in Bitcoins to Panama, which turned into Ethereums, other currency that leaves no trace, and he was sent to a broker of money in Russia. Already under the territory of Putin, the amount was converted into rubles. The recipient of the money used the pseudonym Viktor Pollson. This same person transfers the money to Shangai, in China.

Coincidentally, Bogachev uses codenames Pollinsoon and Slavik. Because of this, made the connection between Greenwald and Russian.

In addition to unravel the path of the money between the intercept and Bogachev, Profile Mysterious Peacock raises another alleged crime. This time, he accuses Greenwald and his companion, Congressman David Miranda (RJ-PSOL), having bought the mandate of Jean Wyllys, who had just been elected in 2018. The hacker group says David and Jean will have to explain the Federal Police about " 700 thousand dollars and a monthly allowance of 10 thousand dollars for the maintenance of right BBB abroad ".

Earlier this year, Jean Wyllys has resigned as federal deputy claiming he feared for his life and that he was receiving threats. Because of that, David took office pro be his alternate.

Before closing the charges, the Mysterious Peacock says Glenn is expected in PF headquarters, in the river, On thursday. The group also challenged the journalist to take "notebook dell", where is the supposed "cryptobank" Greenwald.

Source: Pleno.News

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