Wilson Lima meets secretariat to align the last adjustments of the first stage of administrative reform

Projeto de Lei será encaminhado à Assembleia Legislativa em julho.
25/06/2019 19h37 - Updated 25/06/2019 19h37
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The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, its secretariat met on the afternoon of Tuesday (25/06), the seat of government, west of Manaus, final adjustments to the first stage of administrative reform of the state, it will reorganize the government structure and establish operational systems to ensure the implementation of public policies. The goal is to reduce the cost of public administration and increase efficiency in the services rendered to the population.

As part of the reform, Wilson Lima today signed a decree establishing a governance model and, next week, signed another decree that will create a results commitment term model, to be signed by all managers of direct and indirect state administration, that will have targets to be met.

"We are living a historic moment and of no return. The reform we are building is not a simple change secretariats structure. We will establish routines, flows, goals and all have to deliver results. This is a priority! We will deliver results, We will deliver a much more efficient state, this is my commitment to the people ", He stressed the governor.

Wilson said Lima, still, that the administrative reform being prepared by the Government has synergy with the construction of the Multi-Year Plan (PPA) 2020-2023, that will cover commitments made by the governor from the election campaign and part of his government plan. "The reform will bring a management model that will give the numbers, parameters, so that we can strategically plan the Government, avoiding unnecessary costs and delivering better results ", said the governor.

The deputy governor and chief of staff, Carlos Almeida, also he stressed that the reform is taking shape after nearly six months of government because of the need, initially, to adjust public administration to keep it running, before the budget deficit and debt scenario, found in January.

"Today we have a standardization of administration, it was necessary so that we could now make the reform we need, walking along with the PPA ", He completed the deputy governor, emphasizing that the bill with the changes of the first stage of the reform should be referred to the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM) in July.

Representatives of the Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC), advising the Government in drawing up the administrative reform, They presented, during the meeting with the secretaries, the outlines of the new government structure to be implemented. Among the main changes is the transformation of the Prior Information Commission (CGL) the Shared Services Center (CSC), absorbing the Government Procurement Center of competence (CCGOV), in order to optimize the procurement of goods and services to the administrative machinery.

It will be created Integrated Management Unit (UGI), subordinate to the governor of the state, with operational support of Staff. The unit will be responsible for planning and monitoring the new government management model, also adopt, to reform, Operating systems ranging group state agencies, by subject area, in order to make the public policies defined by the government are effectively implemented. For this, supervisory links are established, or complementary correlation between organs.

The study of extinctions, mergers or takeovers bodies of the administrative structure is still being finalized and will be included in the PL to be submitted to the Legislative Assembly.

Reduction positions
The MBC will also start in July a second stage of administrative reform, which will include the internal restructuring of state agencies, They will be appropriate to the new government management model.

Also at this stage, MBC should complete the Activities Census, consisting of the collection and review functions of the committee positions, what goes, experts of consulting, contribute to a qualified administrative reform, from the understanding of what each employee does and the establishment of a more appropriate structure to the new management model. With the Census, the commissioned positions will be reviewed and the remuneration structure also reformulated.

The Secretary of State for Planning, Development, Science, Technology and inovation, Jorio Veiga, also presented the work being done in the construction of PPA 2020-2023. "We assume the current management running a four-year plan ago. Then the work done by MBC, who took care to seek information, since the new government transition, It was important to begin to draw up the new PPA ", He stressed.

According Jorio Veiga, the new PPA is being developed with the following assumptions: Governance Network and Managing for Results Oriented; Transparency and Citizen Participation; Partnerships as Development Strategy; Transformation through Eessoas; and Balance, Fiscal Sustainability and Public Expenditure Quality.

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