Actions to combat irregular occupations in the first half exceeded total of inspections at all last year

In six months, the Gipiap held 87 interventions to combat raids on permanent protection areas, historic buildings that make up the cultural heritage of the state and private spaces.
14/07/2019 09h42 - Updated 15/07/2019 13h28

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The number of anti-illegal occupation actions taken by the Integrated Group for the Prevention of invasions in Public Areas (Gipiap) this year, It has already surpassed the total of inspections promoted during all 12 months of last year. The group operates in carrying out inspections, depreciation and administrative evictions.

The Gipiap part of the structure of the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead) e, from January to June 2019, performed 87 interventions to combat raids on permanent protection areas, historic buildings that make up the cultural heritage of the state and private spaces. The number is 3% greater than the total number of shares held in 2018.

The productivity of Gipiap had never reached numbers as recorded by the current administration. Secretary of Sead, Ines Carolina Simonetti, points out that, in 2018, 84 actions have been taken against 74 in 2017. And in the year 2016, only 14 actions have been developed by the group to combat illegal occupation.

"Now, no second half of 2019, the Gigiap will act more strategically. Through a cooperation agreement with the Management Unit for Special Projects (UGPE), the group will rely on modern equipment and, like this, develop assertive actions with intelligence support ", Ines Carolina highlighted.

Through the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), They will be purchased three vehicles, computers, tablet, Camera, drones have, GPS, software license for use of GPS, development of a management system, control and georeferencing and other materials.

Employees are resources in the order of R $ 1,2 million. The IDB is the funding body of the Social and Environmental Program of Manaus Igarapés (Prosamim). The caller is UGPE body with the bank to issue the PROSAMIM.

"With the help of this equipment, all monitored points will become georeferenced, including drones pictures. The management system that will be acquired will allow the monitoring of complaints since the arrival in Gipiap to the outcome. This will enable greater control of data to guide the group's actions ", He highlighted the Secretary Sead.

Near 50 actions have been carried out by the group only in the remaining areas of PROSAMIM. The Gipiap operates in all capital and begins to meet the demands of the Metropolitan Region of Manaus.

O group – The Gipiap prepares reports on all actions performed, writing information regarding the invaded areas or potential possible invasion. The group is responsible for managing integrated actions of agencies and entities of direct and indirect administration of the state government.

The Gipiap brings together ten agencies that make up the government of Amazonas. In addition to UGPE, in the group secretariats of State Land Policy, infrastructure, Social Services and Public Safety, the civil and military police, the Office of Housing Amazon (Suhab), Civil Defense and Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam).

Whenever necessary, municipal bodies such as the Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb), the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas) and the Integrated Management Office (GGI) also participate in actions.

The Sead stresses that clearing conservation area is crime and complaints must be made to the police and other environmental agencies, as well as the GIPAP. The phones of the Integrated Group of preventions to Invasions in Public Areas is (92) 3138-2848, and the connections must be made during business hours, from Monday to Friday.

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