Alexandre Frota quips with Tabata Amaral: “PSL is in 'open arms’ for you”

A deputada foi ameaçada de expulsão pelo presidente do PDT, Carlos Lupi, caso ela votasse a favor da reforma da Previdência.
11/07/2019 14h01 - Updated 11/07/2019 14h03

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With the vote in favor of the pension reform, the Congresswoman Tabata Amaral remains among the main topics of Twitter since Wednesday (10) polling day as the proposal was passed in the House with 1st round 379 votes. She says she voted for conviction.

"Tabata Amaral, the PSL is for you with open arms ", tweeted his colleague Alexandre Frota House (PAGE). "Party will not miss. power there, PDT ", joked Rep. The PDT had shut case against reform, but eight deputies declared vote in favor.

On Tuesday (09), the newspaper O Estado de S. Paul showed that Carlos Lupi, letters from President, He threatened to expel from the party who vote in favor of the pension reform.

political godfather Tabata, presidential candidate in the PDT 2018, Ciro Gomes, also made publications in advocating the expulsion of frames that were in favor of reform.

"The reform that we vote today does not belong to the government; it has undergone several changes made by that same Congress. Yea I say the reform is not yes to the government and also is not a not a party decisions ", said Tabata.

"My vote is a vote of conscience, It is not a vote-selling, it is no amendments money. It is a vote following my convictions and all that studied so far ".

Threatened in PDT, Tabata has had informal invitation other subtitles, including the Citizenship because of affinities between her convictions and party, Members of the second subtitle.

She was probed by Congressman Marcelo Calero (RJ) and the national party chairman, Roberto Freire, both former Ministers of Culture, and the directory of the president in São Paulo, Deputy Arnaldo Jardim (SP).

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