After protesting in MEC event, president of UNE is surprised Secretary of reaction and Minister of Education

A manifestação ocorreu durante lançamento do programa de gestão universitária do governo Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE).
17/07/2019 15h20 - Updated 17/07/2019 15h20
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During the launch of the university management program Jair Bolsonaro government (PAGE), President of the National Union of Students (A) He staged a protest demanding money for education. The student interrupted the speech of the Minister Abraham Weintraub in the first minutes of the event to publicize the project “Future-se”.

“Minister, Where's the money of Education? The problem today is that the university has no money to work. Many students are desperate because they have no money to do research. We need to discuss how to return the money in the contingency”, or said President of UNE, Iago Montalvão.

Student talks lasted about two minutes. While he charged public investment in education and public policy for universities, Minister and Secretary of Higher Education, Arnaldo Barbosa de Lima Junior, They heard the protest.

“As a future project thinking in the present universities do not work? We need help. We urgently need to resume investments in university”, said Montalvão.

After the act, the minister and the secretary invited the student leader to sit in the front row of the auditorium, by your side.

“Ended? Thank you. That's why we are in public consultation, to hear your opinion, which often lacks much information”, said the Secretary of Higher Education, Arnaldo Barbosa Lima applause, saying it would make a presentation “cute” for him.

“We only ask to respect the opinions of others. Come here, We sit here with us”, reiterou Weintraub. Accompanying the rectors event, technical MEC (Ministry of Education) and journalists.

The secretary is responsible for the project to more flexible ways of getting private investment to federal universities.

Education suffered contingency early in the year and generated a wave of protests across the country. Because the funds lock, Weintraub minister was summoned to provide information to the House floor.

After the presentation of the Secretary, Weintraub invited the president of UNE to meet with him in the ministry.

Source: UoL

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