Arthur Neto prestige reopening of Science Grove, in busy morning in space

The mayor signed a Letter of Intent with the emergency actions to keep open the woods, which will include interns and fellows assigned by the city to welcome visitors.
14/07/2019 09h06 - Updated 15/07/2019 13h27

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Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto honored the reopening to the Science Grove public, in this Saturday, 13/7. The space, administered by the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), in Petrópolis neighborhood, Centro-Sul, It came to be closed to visitors on 8 this month for lack of funds for maintenance.

Last Wednesday, 10/7, the mayor signed a Letter of Intent with the emergency actions to maintain open space, which will include interns and fellows assigned by the city to welcome visitors, among other activities. To ensure the functionality of Science Grove in the coming months, the mayor, accompanied by the first lady and president of Manaus Solidarity Fund, Elisabeth Ribeiro Valeiko, signed, on Saturday morning, a Term of Technical Cooperation. The document contains a set of actions that ensures open space in the coming months.

"As long as I am mayor of Manaus, I will fight to make up the Science Grove. It is good for students, It is good for tourists, for scholars and researchers. He is part of this great wealth of wisdom that is the INPA ", said Arthur, which highlighted the need for space to receive efforts and partnerships for its operation. "We would very much like INPA received reinforcement in your budget. The city enables trainees who arrived here today and presented. Besides that, we are paying for a study of economic viability in the event of a possible future outsourcing of the park ".

Arthur remembered that the city has fulfilled its duty to prevent a heritage of the city shut the doors. "I'm super happy that I did not omit me, I can not read the Forest of Science closed its doors and sit idly. It could help the INPA and so did. Manaus fulfilled his duty ", said the mayor.

The director of the INPA, Antonia Franco, thanked the sensitivity of the mayor to the cause of the institute, In contrast, will hold services aimed at municipal employees.

"Local support is important as the mayor is giving the INPA. We have a very intense movement of persons, It sensitizes us and it is important to be aware of a political help their own region and we thank you for it. This is a two-way partnership and INPA will make the training of people who will help us. This is for the people a way to bring knowledge more effectively and more transparently to the State of Amazonas ", said the director.

In this Saturday, day of reopening Grove, It has been possible to see the trainees of Manaus Prefecture scattered in some specific points to guide visitors.

"When the mayor announced that it would help the INPA, the Municipal Administration, Planning and management, the Semad, immediately mobilized seeking to fill this labor and making a reallocation of trainees within the entire city. We also seek to trainees in the server School, to act based on the consideration, they are trainees of our scholarship programs. Now, we know that the forest will be able to operate continuously without interruption ", said Secretary of Semad, Lucas Bandiera.

Taking advantage of the reopening of the woods, a dona de casa Gizele Fernandes, 32, It took the two daughters, from 9 e 5 years, to visit the site and show all kinds of trees that make up the great Forest of Science.

"It is important to preserve our culture, our environment, so that in future the children yet to be born can have such access my daughters are having today. It is very important for our city and is to be congratulated our Mayor Arthur Neto for this attitude to invest in our city, in our state and Science Bosque ", said housewife.


During the reopening of Science Grove, Mayor honored the "Confluence - Festival of Art and Science", with the start of the exhibition "Irreversible", at Paiol of Culture, by artist Renata Padovan, curated by Lilian Fraiji, and which has a presentation scientist Philip Fearnside of the disaster Balbina.

Aiming to promote local culture, spaces for exhibitions Grove can be used by artists who are included in the tenders launched by the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), as highlighted by the CEO, Bernardo Monteiro de Paula.

"The Manaus Prefecture became law the promotion of culture and through culture edicts that are launched annually, we can see an exhibition like this in Inpa. For anyone who is an artist and has an interest in exposing, we are now launching the next edicts of cultural connections. It will be a pleasure, while city hall, support excellence initiatives like these ", Bernardo finished.

The Science Grove is open to visitors daily, except on Mondays, 9h to 16h, with an interval of 12h to 14h. It is located on Avenida Bem-te-vi, Petropolis neighborhood, Centro-Sul, beside Inpa. The space can be visited by school groups including, offering vast wealth of environmental information.

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