Bishop wants to pour holy water on the municipality to end the 'infestation of demons’

The Montoya bishop's religious mission is scheduled for next weekend.
13/07/2019 17h00 - Updated 13/07/2019 17h03

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The bishop of a Colombian city believes that the whole city has been the victim of a “demon infestation”. For Ruben Dario Jaramillo Montoya, to Cidade de Buenaventura, that borders the Pacific and is the scene of violence, drug trafficking and poverty, It can only be possessed by demons. Whereupon, religious decided to take drastic action: will pour holy water on the entire municipality, with the help of a helicopter.

The Montoya bishop's religious mission is scheduled for next weekend. to 52 years, religious believes that this is the only way to rid the city of the demons that took. “We have to cast out the demon of Buenaventura, to recover the peace and quiet that our city lost to crime, corruption and drug trafficking”, He said in an interview with Caracol Radio.

The crime that was the last straw for the bishop and motivated him to jump right in this city rescue mission was a murder that shocked the city in recent days. in the episode, a girl 10 years was tortured and murdered by her uncle own, in a slum stilt Buenaventura.

We last months, Buenaventura recorded an increase in violence. From January to May this year, They were recorded 51 murders, This represents an increase of 20 deaths compared to what was recorded in the same period last year. Besides that, in the last years, the city became a strategic location for traffickers smuggling cocaine drugs to the United States.

For your mission, Bishop already has the support of the National Navy and the helicopter “exorcist” It will be given by the Army. altogether, They will be made two flights, one on Saturday and another on Sunday. “We will fly over all Buenaventura and pour holy water to exorcise the city and send away the demons that are destroying our port”, said religious.

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