Bolsonaro defends Gloria Perez and calls José de Abreu 'mediocre’

The actor provoked the famous and quoted the killer convicted of murdering her daughter Daniella, Guilherme de Padua and said both support "the same political spectrum".
08/07/2019 10h29 - Updated 8/07/2019 14h14

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The exchange of barbs between José de Abreu and Gloria Perez won a new chapter and another pinprick. President Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) He decided to attack the actor after confusion between global, this Sunday (7).

No Twitter, political wrote: "Every solidarity with writer Gloria Perez, simply for their beliefs it was attacked from the lowest and cowardly way possible for a mediocre, using the irreparable pain of a mother who lost a daughter to attack opinions. God bless you!”.

José de Abreu, So, He decided to answer President. "I would be ashamed to receive solidarity of a fascist madman, supporter torturers, misogynist, racist, homophobic and supporter militiaman, whose party is an orange grove, who has children who do rachadinha and Minister of Justice bandit. I would rather be poor ", shot him.

The posts of them happened after the Octavian interpreter of "Owner of The Piece", Globo, He caused the author and quoted the killer convicted of murdering her daughter Daniella, Guilherme de Padua.

No Twitter, the actor said that William and Gloria supporting "the same political spectrum", without citing Bolsonaro, the Minister of Justice and Public Safety Sergio Moro or any other name linked to the current government.

"Brazil is so crazy that we see William of Padua and Gloria Perez supporting the same political spectrum! what times!”, shot him.

apparently disbelieving, Global said the station colleague. "You are very scoundrel!”, reacted. "I will not fight back remembering his personal tragedy", warned. "It's block and nothing else!”, He finished the famous.

It is worth remembering that the death of Daniella Perez, the night of 28 December 1992, He shook Brazil. In season, the actress was the star of the novel "From Body and Soul", written by the mother. Guilherme de Padua, Bira interpreter, Her murdered with 18 scissor strokes, in the heart and neck, with the complicity of the then wife, Paula Thomaz.

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