Bolsonaro want to deliver “Brazil better” in 2023 or in 2027

No last weekend, o presidente afirmou que entregará um país “muito melhor” para quem lhe suceder no comando do Palácio do Planalto em 2026.
12/07/2019 09h42 - Updated 12/07/2019 17h17
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President Jair Bolsonaro once again acknowledged the possibility to seek re-election, but it argued that the decision will depend on the reaction of the economy to the measures of his government. “By God's will, we deliver a best in Brazil 2023 2027 or”, Bolsonaro said on Thursday, 11, reporters. He spoke to the press after the inauguration of the new director general of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what), Alexandre Ramagem.

No last weekend, Bolsonaro said it will deliver a country “much better” to its successor at the Presidential Palace in command 2026. The current term ends in 2022. “We took a broken moral country, ethical and economically. But, by God's will, we will get to deliver it much better for those who succeed us in 2026”, He said at the time.

Today, when asked about it, he said “if Brazil get on track, there in front of us decide”. “I worked never thinking of re-election as parliamentary. If you think of re-election, we say yes to everyone. If Brazil go on track, there in front of us decide. I have tremendous support from many sectors of society”, stated.

About criticisms made against the possibility re-election last, Bolsonaro said “said the campaign with a good political reform put on the table the non-reelection”, but he said today that the governors would not accept the initiative. “The governors accept the non-reelection? Do you think you would accept? Everyone has to be in the same boat.”

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