House of Representatives vote eight highlights and amendments to PEC Welfare on Friday(12)

The first highlight will be analyzed, do PDT, You want to change the main text to decrease 100% for 50% the toll of one of the transition rules.
12/07/2019 13h25 - Updated 12/07/2019 17h16
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The full House of Representatives opened today (12) the session to vote highlights six and two amendments that alter the basic text of the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC 6/19) the Social Security reform. The expectation of the chairman of the House, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), It is to close the first round later on Friday.

The first highlight will be analyzed, do PDT, You want to change the main text to decrease 100% for 50% the toll of one of the transition rules, valid for the insured of the General Social Security Regime (RGPS) and own scheme for civil servants. The toll is applied on the contribution of time remaining to reach the minimum required to retire.

Early on Friday (12), the parliament approved, by 467 votes to 15, the amendment of which we can reduce the minimum retirement age for police officers serving the Union. federal police, legislative police, Civil Police of the Federal District, federal highway police and federal correctional officers and youth, among others, may retire to 53 years (men) e 52 years (women).

Yesterday (11), the full House approved the proposal to increase the retirement of workers in the private sector and allows receiving death pension in an amount less than the minimum wage. Democrats countertop authorship, the amendment was approved by 344 votes to 132, with 15 abstentions.

The approval was only possible because of an agreement between leaders and the government. The text-based had a stretch that would allow the pensioners receive less than the minimum wage if someone in the family had another source of income. Now, income that count towards the calculation of the pension will be only the widower or widow. If the pensioner has a formal salary, receive only 60% the average salary of the deceased spouse, but, lose income and fall in informality, the board will automatically raise to the minimum wage.

Also approved, by 445 votes to 15, the withdrawal of the increased contribution of insured men time RGPS, which had been expanded 15 for 20 years, highlighted presented by PSB.

MPs also decided to reject a highlight of Citizenship party withdraw from the pension reform an anti-fraud measure in granting the Continued Benefit (BPC). By 322 votes to 164, MEPs maintained the requirement that the benefit to low-income seniors is paid only to families with per capita income of a quarter of the minimum wage.

This point had been included by the special committee last week after negotiation with the Ministry of Economy. The measure must provide savings of $ 33 billion in ten years by reducing fraud and the end of court decisions.

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