Celso Portiolli leaves the live program after being hit with a pie in the eye

Mara Maravilha decidiu jogar a tradicional tortada na cara do apresentador que foi trabalhar com conjuntivite.
08/07/2019 08h45 - Updated 8/07/2019 08h47
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During the Pass It reviews or chart this Sunday (7), the presenter Celso Portiolli was forced to leave the stage Domingo Legal program (SBT) Live.

Is Mara Wonder decided to play traditional tortada in the face of the presenter who was working with conjunctivitis. He could not stand the pain, He tried to call range and was forced to leave the stage.

The presenter Dudu Camargo, that participated in the program, He took the microphone to handle the wave as Portiolli not return.

It all started when Sonia Abram missed one of the questions giving Mara Maravilha the right to take a tortada in the face of the presenter of the afternoon is His (TV network!), who ran the studio. During the chase, Mara threw some pie in the face Portiolli, and he felt the pain in time.

The stage assistants soon arrived with towels, while Mara was still realizing that he had created a problem. Portiolli ran to the front of the stage, He came out of the focus of the cameras and Camargo took the microphone. The stage became a rush of participants with pies in the face by flying stage.

Mara Maravilha and Sonia Abram were the leaders of the teams competing in the program, and the winner was the host of A Tarde is His (TV network!).

Source: Folhpress

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