Magistrate MP meets request of PT and will investigate Deltan and Pozzobon based on illegal evidence

Decision is based on reports indicating that Deltan tried to enrich with lectures.
16/07/2019 16h03 - Updated 17/07/2019 13h26
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Given the request of the Workers' Party (PT), the Inspector General of the National Public Prosecution Council (NSCLC), Orlando Rochadel Moreira, filed on Tuesday, 16, disciplinary complaint against the chief prosecutor of Lava Jato, Delta Dallagnol e Roberson Henrique Pozzobon, of Lava Jet task force in Curitiba.

The representation of the PT is based on illegal evidence and obtained criminal so they are alleged conversations between prosecutors in the application Telegram published by the site and the intercept by S of Folha. Paulo.

About a position Deltan, PT states that there were servers function deviation 'to practice personal speaker activities, unlinked, therefore, of the purposes of the occupied positions', and also 'obtain additional advantages to job wages not provided for by law'.

about Pozzobon, the party's claim is that the prosecutor would have missed with the "personal decorum, zeal and probity, and unblemished particular conduit, in that, to be warned of the possibility of investigation into the business activities of defendants would have voiced, jokingly expression 'What veeeenham'. ", said a PT.

According to Moreira Rochadel, It should be investigated whether Dallagnol tried to enrich with lectures on his work on the prosecution. Prosecutors have 10 days to submit explanations.

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