On sick leave, Brazilian mayor is seen in the restaurant in Uruguay

Political delivered medical certificate with determination to 'rest home’ by 14 days.
12/07/2019 17h12 - Updated 12/07/2019 17h13
Photo: reproduction

A resident of Sorocaba, in São Paulo, He claimed to have spotted the mayor at a restaurant in Uruguay, no last Sunday (7), after he presented a medical certificate to get away from city hall.

According to the resident of the busted, recorded in a photo on 7 July, Mayor José Crespo (THE) He was was walking with his wife in Port Market, in Montevideo, and stopped to go to a bar.

However, days before, Crespo was presented to the City Council a medical certificate, issued on 3 July in São Paulo, to get away from city hall.

The doctor determined on the certificate that must Crespo “remain under house home” for two weeks, up until 17 July. The medical document does not show the CID, which is the international classification of diseases.

The certificate was presented in the House on the last day 5. Two days before, he should have paid testimony to the CPI (suing Commission) the House, but claimed he needed to go to the doctor, in Sao Paulo.

The chief executive was also expected to testify in the House on Thursday (11), but he did not attend and claimed he was in "rest home" as determined in the certificate.

In a note sent to G1, the city of Sorocaba said, "Because it is personal touch matters of the mayor José Crespo, is not aware of the fact pointed out by the report ".

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