Pablo delegate snake providences the MPF after termination of the use of public money to fund Lula Free movement

The deputy also confronted left-wing politicians who will constantly complain to the House of misuse of public money.
16/07/2019 20h39 - Updated 17/07/2019 18h03
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Congressman, delegate Pablo (PAGE), He reflected on the House floor Tuesday (16) magazine report This is, written by journalist Wilson Lima, denouncing the use of public money to fund Lula Free movement.

According matter, documents obtained by ISTOÉ prove that PT mobilization started in April last year for the release of former President Lula (PT) is paid with funds from the party fund and values ​​may reach $ 1 million.

The money was used by the Union party in the purchase of airline tickets, daily hotel and food for the PT go to Curitiba ask the release of former president, the lease payment vehicles, on rentals of meeting rooms and, even, the cost of the work of private security guards in deeds registered in favor of "free Lula".

Based on these data the delegate Pablo confronted left-wing politicians who will constantly complain to the House of misuse of public money.

“I come here every day to see parliamentary left speaking misuse of public money. And this is the famous do what I say but do not do what I do. I have money to spend on partisan party purposes provided by law that money is not used well. It is used to monitor a so-called made campaign from the will of the supporters of the left that the former president is free. all fallacy. In fact what we have here is the indiscriminate spending public money to benefit people who should not be there”, shot.

Besides commenting the complaint the deputy also asked the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) take action in this case and blame the people who used the money “unfairly with Brazilian”.

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The #LulaLivre OF HUMBUG graced the magazine's cover this week IstoÉ. And for those who doubted, there is 10 THOUSAND PAGES OF ILLEGAL FUND SPENDING SHEETS PARTISAN proving all. There are provided passages, lodging, executive cars, buffets e coffee-break, and even PRIVATE SECURITY hired to ensure the safety of the class in the demonstrations. This makes it very easy! Spending the people's money, anyone does militancy, shambles and wake to convict in the PF port. Wait until we reach the core of the CPI BNDES.Link matter: #DelegadoPABLO #AMIGOdoAMAZONAS #CPIdoBNDES ChegaDeCorrupção # # # Transparency PolíciaFederal #OrgulhoNacional #PSL #Manaus #Amazonas #brasil

Posted by delegate Pablo on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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