Mr Alberto Neto votes against police in welfare reform and revolt category

On the social networks, the Amazon military police and civilian ask for explanations.
05/07/2019 16h07 - Updated 6/07/2019 18h22
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military police, civil and Amazonas state firefighters are disgusted with Congressman Captain Alberto Neto (PRB-AM), that on Thursday (4) fled from Social Security reform report vote, precisely at the time that the more lenient rules for retirement of employees of public safety would be voted on.

To make matters worse, Congressman Amazon left in its place substitute, Deputy Lafayette Andrada (PRB-MG), who voted against the workers of the safety area.

At the end of the vote, the military police, civilians and firemen from all over Brazil have had their benefits overturned the pension reform. They wanted the rules to their pensions were matched to the Armed Forces. The proposal was rejected by the majority of Members present at the voting session, including the opposite vote of the Federal Amazonas deputy, Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM).

On the social networks, the Amazon military police and civilian ask for explanations of Captain Alberto deputies and Marcelo Ramos, But so far none of the arguments was accepted by the safety category.

On the afternoon of Friday (5) Mr posted video on your social networks is justified. “My brother police brothers let me explain to you what happened yesterday, needed to take the military police that security was going to happen because a great injustice. The PM would increase the contribution of time going to 35 years of service and would not have the same benefits of the armed forces. So we prefer to take”, highlighted.

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