Members Bill to fixed ceiling for spending that government can fulfill LRF and maintain adjustment servers

Medida aprovada não congela salário de servidores, diz Alex Del Giglio, secretário da Sefaz, e também atende determinação do TCE.
12/07/2019 15h14 - Updated 13/07/2019 20h37
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The Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (OF-AM) approved, this Friday (12/07), State Government project that fixed ceiling to match spending and revenue spending in state accounts, which will allow the state government again meets the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF) and resume payment of civil servants base dates. The score was 12 the votes and 7 Against.

The project is part of a package of measures submitted by the Government of Amazonas to the ALE-AM, that adds up to other suits in state government, to balance the public accounts, inherited by the current administration, in January, with debt and budget deficit of more than R $ 3 billion and personnel expenses in the order of 49% of the Current Net Revenue, already above the regulatory limit of LRF.

According to the State Secretary of Finance, Alex Del Giglio, the Complementary Bill approved in the ALE-AM, fixing the ceiling of expenditure, does not freeze wages servers, much less reaches the base dates already granted by the Government in 2019.

"There is a freeze. We are linking the base dates the fiscal recovery of State, even by a requirement of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, State Court of Auditors. That is, when the state is recovered fiscally, at least below the ceiling, that are 49%, categories will obviously receive the retroactive date-bases and even, to come. It is a specific set measurement. There is no expiry dates-bases ", said Finance Secretary.

In a statement on the ALE-AM, during the vote on the matter, State Representative Philip Souza said the governor Wilson Lima has received the indebted state and need to take urgent measures to recover the balance of the state accounts.

"The Government needs to act with austerity, Wilson Lima received a government debt by former governor (Amazonino Mendes) and former President of the Assembly (David Almeida), who toyed with the power. The ECA has made the third recommendation to the State, which can not give rise to the servers, because spending on Fiscal Responsibility Act are already almost 53% and the Government can not grant adjustment ", said Felipe Souza, to remember that the proof that the current government received the state with debts was the disapproval of the accounts of the former governor Amazonino Mendes by the ECA.

voting continues - Other projects of the government package of measures sent to the Assembly is still vote this afternoon. Projects in voting address topics such as layoff receipts and credits from royalties and special participations related to exploration of oil and natural gas.

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