Twelve people were arrested and ten vehicles are recovered in Manaus

Military police seized 1,5 kg the skunk, R$ 375 and two species in cell. Four firearms and 19 munições foram retiradas de circulação.
17/07/2019 13h14 - Updated 17/07/2019 13h14
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In Manaus, 12 people were arrested and one was recaptured fugitive from justice in shares of the Amazon Military Police between the Tuesday (16/07) and the early hours of Wednesday (17/07), in different areas of the capital of Amazonas. A teenager was also seized.

Military police seized 1,5 kg the skunk, 143 narcotics portions and two precision scales. They also recovered the amount of R $ 375 and two species in cell. Four firearms and 19 ammunition were withdrawn from circulation and ten vehicles were recovered.

Alex Ramos da Cruz, 31 years, He was arrested for theft in João Câmara Street, New city, North Zone. With him, It was found a caliber firearm 32 and four ammunition. The same was with an anklet violated and had an arrest warrant outstanding for the same offense in 2017.

In the same zone, military police of Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam) They carried out the arrest of a man, from 34 years, New Aleixo neighborhood, after complaints. During the search of a backpack, a kilo of marijuana skunk type was seized with the suspect and the same was sent to the 6th District Integrated Police (DIP).

Two men, from 18 e 33 years, They were arrested for drug trafficking and illegal possession of a firearm in the street Purunga, set Santa Ines, Jorge Teixeira, area east of Manaus. With the double, It was seized a rifle caliber 7,62, cartridge and an intact 25 bundles of narcotics, being cocaine and oxi, and a precision scale. Two vehicles were also recovered during the occurrence.

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