Parliamentary Front for creating technological center in Manaus receives Consul of accession of El Salvador

Consulate of El Salvador is organizing economic mission to the country, which has the largest technology park in Agribusiness America.
11/07/2019 15h47 - Updated 12/07/2019 13h13
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The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Joelson Silva (PSDB), He participated on the morning of Thursday (11), ceremony that marked adhesion of the honorary consul of El Salvador, Amilcar Antonio Aguilar Baires, the Parliamentary Front for Technological Pole of Manaus Creation. The event was held in the cinema hall Silvino Santos, located on the premises of their own and CMM, second or president, It was an important step to support the search for sustainable alternatives for economic development of the city and the entire state of Amazonas.

The Parliamentary Front was created on the last day 3 and it has won the support of institutions such as the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), beyond the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa). Na CMM, the move also has the support of councilors Ewerton Wanderley, Alonso Oliveira and Gideon Amorim.

The aim of the creation of the front is to mobilize and promote debate among various representatives of civil society and Legislative Houses, for the preparation of a technical economic feasibility study. This study should base the construction of a differentiated tax laws, Manaus that makes an attractive environment for industry 4.0, to foster the technological environment of the Amazon capital from the stimulus to more efficient industrial processes, productive and modern, and the development of new technologies and innovation, by companies, institutes and startups.

According to Silva Joelson, the goal is to bring together more and more support for the recovery of the local economy, with production economic activities for sustainable development, facing biodiversity, plus more investments in technology.

"We want to discuss, discuss and make suggestions, point the way. It is very important when the House takes this decision, in order to aggregate all the people who want well to our city, to our state ", said the president of CMM.

For the consul Almicar Antonio Aguilar Baires, joining the parliamentary front is much more than a support, another incentive to make Manaus and the Amazon to find inspiration in El Salvador initiatives, whose economy grows 3,5% with the inflation of only 0,5%.

"You can not think that the Free Zone will save the state to the rest of life. We need to invest in technology, mainly applied to agriculture ", said Salvadoran, which should lead an entourage of Amazonian entrepreneurs to know the country.

Joelson Silva stressed that the movement needs to partner such as the one made with Israel, alleging that they are the tip of countries in relation to technological issue.

"We have water like nobody in the world has. A fresh water basin which is the largest in the world, You need to know how to exploit wisely, sustainable, without harming nature, develop our wealth and, for this, we need these partnerships. The front will still give much to talk about ", said.

In a formal ceremony held in March this year, CMM honored the Israeli ambassador in Brazil, Yossi Avhraham Shelley e, In this ocasion, Joelson Silva used the podium of the House to praise the diplomat's initiative to visit the Brazilian states, which for him, It shows how countries are lined up in the pursuit of technological development.

The mayor said, still, that the time was ripe for closer ties with the state of Israel and talk about investments for carrying out scientific research.

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