Globe argues Miriam Leitão in editorial and says Bolsonaro mind

At a meeting with journalists, the president said Miriam lied about having been tortured and abused by the military during the dictatorship.
19/07/2019 22h15 - Updated 19/07/2019 22h15
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The "National Journal" on Friday (19) It ended with an editorial in the Globe, in rejection of the controversial speech of President Jair Bolsonaro on the journalist Miriam Leitão. At a meeting with journalists, this morning, Bolsonaro said Miriam lied about having been tortured and abused by the military during the dictatorship that ruled Brazil in the decades of 1960, 1970 e 1980.

"Now, an Globo rejection note to the attacks that President Jair Bolsonaro directed to our fellow journalist Miriam Leitão ", He began presenter Renata Vasconcellos. The text read in sequence, before the traditional "Good Night", He suggests that the president lied to dismiss the charges of Miriam, proven file system on military.

"Journalists charged the president a comment about the act of intolerance that was the victim journalist Miriam Leitão at the weekend. […] On social networks, It organized a movement attacks and insults the journalist, whose position of absolute independence was treated as a political position of left and opposition to government Bolsonaro ", said the text read by Renata.

Note the Globe noted that Bolsonaro, after extolling freedom of the press, "He said Miriam Leitão was arrested when going to the Araguaia guerrilla to try to impose a dictatorship in Brazil. And he repeated, twice, Miriam lied about having been tortured and abused in military facilities during the military dictatorship that ruled the country then ".

"These president's statements cause deep indignation and deserve absolute repudiation. In defense of historical truth and the honor of the journalist Miriam Leitão to say, with all the letters, it is not the journalist who lies ", He sentenced the statement, reporting then the trajectory of violence suffered by their contracted, as well as the search for Justice Miriam.

Lastly, the note cited the governments of the PT - Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, nominally cited, and Dilma Rousseff -, Also critical to Piglet: "In speeches of former President Lula in hustings and even aboard airliners, when Miriam Leitão heard insults and offenses by PT militants who then called neoliberal and rightist ".

"These insults, in the past, like now, in signals exchanged, only demonstrate the greatest virtues of Miriam as a professional. The independence from governments, are left, right or any. The Globe applauds this independence, Professional journalism touchstone and sympathizes with Miriam Leitão ", concluded the note.

Renata Vasconcellos then completed: "A shared solidarity for us, his colleagues at TV Globo, CBN radio and the newspaper O Globo ".

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