Government of Wilson Lima advances in measures to balance accounts and maintain quality services for population

approved package, today, na ALE-AM, It aims at adjusting spending and income and guarantee funds for areas such as health, social and infrastructure.
12/07/2019 20h34 - Updated 12/07/2019 20h34

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The Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM) approved, this Friday (12/07), one Amazonas Government package of measures to balance public accounts, inherited by the current administration with debts and budget deficits that exceed R $ 3 billion. Among the approved measures is the setting of spending ceiling to match expenses to the reality of state income; unlink resources to apply in areas such as health, social and infrastructure; and the use of credits resulting from oil and gas royalties.

"Since we assume the government have worked tirelessly to find alternatives to address the serious situation we find in the State accounts. I've already signed a decree of cost containment, which has already brought savings of over R $ 50 million in the first month into force. We are doing a thorough analysis of payroll and preparing an administrative reform that will make the most efficient machine, so that we can deliver quality services to the population, which also involves the enhancement of our servers ", Wilson highlighted Lima.

The Complementary Bill (PLC) which deals with public spending ceiling fixing, approved today in ALE-AM with amendments negotiated by the government with Members, It provides for the suspension of new personnel expenses until the state reach fiscal balance, attending the allowed limit of personnel expenses by the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF), already exceeded the regulatory limit since the current management took over.

With this measure, the Government meets establishing the State Court of Auditors (TCE) and warns of the National Treasury to fit the LRF. The approved design ensures that adjustments that do not have continuous nature will be preserved, example of funds Fundeb, that may be used at the end of each year in the form of bonus payment. The PLC also does not affect the base dates granted this year to education servers, health and safety.

The State Government has also approved today in ALE-AM projects to expand the capacity to manage their own resources, many of them bound and, with the change, They may be applied to improve services to the population, as in health.

From talks with parliamentarians, the government approved the Complementary Bill (PLC) which reduces to 3% for 2,5% the percentage levied on Tax Net Revenue linked to the primary sector, without prejudice to the policy developed by the Ministry of Rural Production (Sepror), it is a budget of R $ 200 millions – more than twice the value of 2018, which was R $ 98 millions.

From parliamentary amendment, PLC also untied revenue for the State Indian Foundation (FEI), whose health policies and specific education for the indigenous population should be strengthened in the state departments of Health and Education.

Was approved, still, Bill (PL) which dissociates 50% of Support for Micro and Small Companies Fund revenues (FMPES) for application in the areas of health, administration and basic infrastructure, economic and social. In the same PL, the government approved the disengagement from the Tourism Development Fund, Infrastructure, Services and Internalization of Amazonas State Development (FTI), up until 2020, to apply in health, in the capital and in the state.

In the package of measures, was approved, still, PL authorizing the executive branch to give credits from royalties and special participations related to exploration of oil and natural gas, exclusively for deficit coverage in the Financial Fund for Retirement and Amazonas State Pensions.

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