Religious intolerance: Terreiro Candomblé is vandalized

The complaint was made by Ivanir dos Santos, He said the attack took place yesterday afternoon (11), in the same area where cases have been occurring for over six months.
12/07/2019 13h10 - Updated 12/07/2019 13h12

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A Candomblé yard located in the Paulista Park neighborhood, in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense, It was raided yesterday afternoon (11) and plundered. The complaint was made on social networks by babalaô Ivanir dos Santos, interlocutor of the Commission to Combat Religious Intolerance (CCIR) of State.

In an interview to Brazil, he said temples of African matrix religions in the same region have received constant threats. "The attack was yesterday afternoon, in the same area where cases have been occurring for over six months, They are over 15 cases of threats. That area was already being threatened, They said they could not touch, They could not do this or that, and now they reached break ", said.

according Ivanir, an old woman arrived at the scene at the time the vandalism occurred, but she was not assaulted. He pointed out that throughout the state over 200 religious houses have received threats.

"It has more than ten houses threatened in Campos, in the Penha area, in the north. More than 200 homes threatened today to function because of this intimidation. Some have already been expelled from communities. Over the past two years are over 15 houses that had this bitter experience [being vandalized]”, said.

For babalaô, the continuing attacks show disregard of the authorities, as well as configure religious racism. According to him, bullies have been spread by criminal groups linked to drug trafficking.

"I had a meeting with the governor [Wilson Witzel] I asked him an open plenary with all religions to deal with it and with the security area it. Until today there was no such plenary. I have no doubt that, if a synagogue or Christian church reached, the state government's attitude would be another. [The act] would be framed in the terrorist crime "he said.

The prosecutor Julio José Araújo Júnior, Federal prosecutors in Rio de Janeiro (MPF/RJ), It reported that the body was driven to follow the case.

"We received the complaint and mobilized to make the organs act. There is a dialogue with the civil police to ensure the visits and investigations, it takes a while. Of course we want to be as fast as possible, but regardless, MPF is fighting conversations with various actors to not only identify the causes and establish actions to combat intolerance ", he said.

in May, MPF urged the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, action to solve the problem.

On Tuesday (12), MPF promoted meeting with Ivanir dos Santos and evangelical pastors to address the issue. According to babalaô, people who attended pledged to mobilize the foundations of their churches to collaborate for the purpose of religious racism.

"Pastors who attended our calls and our invitations have with us for some time. They will make a new meeting to map out a strategy with its own evangelical base, which is what we need. Large and churches, at their bases, in their defense, in their conventions, They talk about the importance of respect and non spread of religious hatred ", He noted.

It was scheduled for Sunday (14) Hike in Defense of Religious Liberty in the Baixada Fluminense, at 9 am.

According to the Civil Police, vandalism case being registered in the Bureau of Racial Crimes and Crimes of Intolerance. "The steps will be undertaken to establish the circumstances and authorship of the fact. Research runs under wraps ", police said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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