Janaina Paschoal protocols impeachment against Dias Toffoli

A deputada também foi autora do impeachment da ex-presidente Dilma Rousseff (PT).
31/07/2019 14h14 - Updated 31/07/2019 14h14

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The state representative Janaina Paschoal (PSL-SP) and the president of the Pro-MP Society, Renato Varalda, filed on Tuesday (30) the Senate a request for impeachment against the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Minister Dias Toffoli.

The application is especially the Minister's decision that suspended the progress of cases involving data shared by control agencies, as the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF). According to determination, to continue an investigation of this type, You will need judicial authorization.

"This decision monocratic, as well as counter the Federal Constitution and various laws, It brought opposition to what was established by the Supreme Court Plenary ", says the text of the application.

The Toffoli decision directly affects the investigation into the president's son Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE), that clears if he practiced illegal movement of money, washing with criminal organization and. The crimes would have occurred when the military police Fabricio Queiroz, alleged scheme operator, Flavio was adviser. With the endorsement of Toffoli, the research on it is paralyzed.

This decision was criticized by some entities, including the task force Operation Lava Jet. According to a statement made in conjunction with the task force of Operation Greenfield, the decision "contrary to international recommendations to give greater scope to the action of financial intelligence units, as COAF, including their interaction with government agencies to prevent and suppress money laundering ".

Paschoal was also the author of the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff (PT).

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