Budget Guidelines Law is approved in the ALE-AM; expected revenue is $ 18,6 billion

Project will serve as a basis for preparation of the Annual Budget Law (LOA).
12/07/2019 19h10 - Updated 13/07/2019 20h37

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At a special meeting called to vote on the agenda 13 materials, the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO), which estimates total revenues of R $ 18,615 billion for the year 2020 and provides the basis for the preparation of the Annual Budget (LOA) from the government, It was approved unanimously by the members present on Friday (12), the plenary of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard).

The discussion was opened by the deputy rapporteur Ricardo Nicolau (PSD) making a brief reference to the collective amendments and impositive of deputies, available at SAPL system House the report 45 pages with the complete contents of the entire process described by it in the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE / garlic). Then President Joshua Neto informed the plenary on a terminating character of the rejection of amendments in committee and opened discussions about LDO.

With the presence in the plenary of the General defender Rafael Monteiro Barbosa and other members of the State Public Defender (ECD-AM), increased constitutional transfer of a percentage of the organ 1,4% for 1,5% the State Budget was the most debated issue, meriting the approval of MPs in view of the good performance of its management, mainly in the question of internalization actions, with the implementation of the poles in the gutters of the great rivers.

The message sent to the State Government Aleam, with the proposal for LDO 2020, Expected to Increase 3,5% in state revenue compared to 2019, estimating total revenues of R $ 18,615 billion in values ​​at current prices, representing an increase of R $ 648 million compared to total estimated revenues of R $ 17,977 billion to 2019. The LDO sets the goals and priorities of the state government, as well as the projection of revenue and expenditure for the financial year next year.

In sectoral division of revenues Budget establishes the estimated expenditure borne by the State Treasury, the total percentage of net tax revenue estimated 8,01% the judiciary and 3,4% the State Prosecutor. The Legislature will hold 7,04% and for the Legislative Assembly 4,1% and the Court of State Auditors 3,03%; to the Ombudsman will be allocated 1,5%. The LDO also determines that 1%, no minimum, Net tax revenue is allocated to the Foundation for the Amazonas State Research (Fapeam).

The article 63 LDO appointment booking specific resources, the limit 1,2% of net current revenue expected, to attend parliamentary amendments, with use of minimum percentage required by law in the actions aimed at public health services, the minimum percentage of 12% and at least 25% On education. In another part of the message, the state government cites forecast investments of over R $ 7,6 billion from 2019/2021 with the approval of projects.

Other projects
The plenum also approved the Bills No. 443/2019, Mr Charlie Bessa (PV), which provides for the new notary geographical constituencies Manaus, o PL nº 401/2019, Members of Belarmino Lins (PP) and Wilker Barreto (PHS), giving the title Citizen of the Amazon to the Chief Justice, Minister Dias Toffoli, and Legislative Resolution Project No. 06/2019, Mr João Luiz (PRB), establishing the Christian Parliamentary Front of Amazonas Legislative Assembly.

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