More of 90 thousand families were affected by flooding rivers in the AM and Civil Defense offers humanitarian aid

Cerca de mil toneladas em suprimentos e aproximadamente 100 purifiers collective water Salta-Z project will be made available.
13/07/2019 19h39 - Updated 14/07/2019 13h11
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The second phase of Full Operation 2019 It started, in this Saturday (13/7) the Amazonas Civil Defense. In this step, municipalities of the gutters of the High, Middle and Lower Solimões receive humanitarian aid. Over a thousand tons in supplies such as food baskets, hygiene kits, Cleaning dorm, networks and over 100 purifiers collective water Salta-Z project will be made available.

We were sent two ferries with inputs and water purifiers to municipalities in the gutters of the Upper and Middle Solimões. Humanitarian aid to the municipalities of Iranduba, And Manaquiri Careiro, that are part of the Lower Solimões, follow by land and will continue to be sent over the next week.

According to the Secretary of Amazonas Civil Defense, Lt. Col. Francisco BM Maximum, the idea is to provide water purifiers throughout the state.

"The collective water purifiers are so important in quality of life and health of coastal communities that the state, by Civil Defense, will extend the facility progressively to all municipalities ".

flood 2019
Approximately 375 thousand people were affected by the flooding this year, or equivalent 93 thousand families affected in every state. The municipality of Anamã, one of the most affected by the flood, already received a financial transfer, through an agreement, no value 100 thousand reais, humanitarian help, madeira, is a ferry hospital and a mobile water treatment plant with a capacity to purify 100 liters of drinking water per day, supplying all need the city.

In the first phase of operation Flood 2019, 15 municipalities that make up the gutters of Jurua, And wood were treated Punis.

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