Measures to meet financial balance of the AM control agencies, says deputy governor

bills and PEC to propose measures for cost containment and revenue increase, We were sent this week to the ALE-AM.
11/07/2019 19h54 - Updated 11/07/2019 19h54

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The deputy governor of Amazonas, Carlos Almeida, highlighted on Thursday (11/07) that the state government is working on several fronts to seek balance of Government accounts, that the current administration inherited, in January 2019, with deficit and debt above R $ 3 billion. he stressed, after meeting with state legislators, that the package of measures submitted to the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM) It is one of those fronts, seeking above all meet establishing the State Court of Auditors (TCE) and warns of the National Treasury.

The bills and proposed constitutional amendment, proposing measures for cost containment and revenue increase, sent this week to the ALE-AM, They are being discussed with the Government team and, today, the deputy governor was also in the Assembly. Measures should be voted on Friday (12/07) the plenary of the House.

Carlos Almeida said that the Government of Amazonas, since the new management took over, It has taken steps to reduce the impact of the budget deficit and inherited debts. The biggest impact is in personnel expenses, which already exceeds the maximum limit allowed by the Fiscal Responsibility Law (LRF). When the current government took, personnel expenses were already above the prudential limits that the law imposes. Between 2018 e 2019, the payroll increased 20%, result of increases granted to servers by the last government, some of them in installments for this year, no projected budget for this purpose.

Among the measures taken is the Decree of the Spending Quality (Decree 40.645/2019) what, after a month of deployment, exceeded the initial monthly savings expected, R $ 50 millions. Besides that, the Government is completing administrative reform project, to wipe spending and make the public administration more efficient, and is making a payroll audit, which should generate savings of 10% in state spending.

"We are working forcefully so that we can fit this reality. So it's a package of measures, the disassociation of revenue it helps, the promotion we do to productive sectors also, the sheet line of analysis that we are already working, the re-registration servers. The analysis of our economic team is that all work together enable the most timely possible seek the economic and financial balance and this can cause the state of Amazonas can forward the appropriate manner ", said Carlos Almeida.

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Among the measures proposed by the Government to the ALE-AM's bill establishing a ceiling of expenditure for the state administration, in order to adjust costs to the existing recipe. The proposal aims to meet, about everything, determination of the ECA to the administration reduce personnel expenses, or what, according to the deputy governor of Amazonas, It is also a reality in other states.

"The manifestation of the Court of Auditors is in the sense that there is a general fitness for all categories of servers and this makes the effects have to be extended to the adequacy of the state to the limits of the Fiscal Responsibility Law. According to own LRF, the spending limit personnel is 46,55%. The State of Amazonas has started the year 2019 over 49% expenditure on personnel and the implementation of the base dates provided regularly ended up making this limit came to 53%. In light of this situation, to the National Treasury gave a stern warning to the State of Amazonas, inclusive, restricting the possibility of loans and agreements, what for us is extremely serious ", Carlos Almeida stressed.

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