Prosecutor opens investigation for reimbursement of R $ 6,6 million to the coffers of Manipur

O dinheiro é decorrente de saques em espécie, made in the municipality's bank accounts, by public officials and individuals and legal entities, in the years 2008 a 2011.
11/07/2019 10h25 - Updated 11/07/2019 10h25
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The prosecutor of Amazonas, by 2nd Prosecutor's Office of Manipur (2ªPJMIN), established the Civil Inquiry No. 5/2019, to determine damage to the treasury of Manipur municipality of R $ 6,6 millions, withdrawals due to species, made in the municipality's bank accounts, by public officials and individuals and legal entities, in the years 2008 a 2011. The research is based on documents relating to research in progress at the Federal Police (case No. 13-31.2019). As the holder of the records 2ªPJMIN, Prosecutor Weslei Machado, serves to generate damage purse, requiring the adoption of the necessary measures to redress the damage caused to the Treasury.

“The criminal offenses under investigation in the case of Process No. 13-31.2019, in theory, They prescribed or are about to prescribe, It is admissible, However, the possible civil court action for compensation for damage to the treasury, since the claims for reimbursement to the Treasury for improper conduct are imprescriptible”, notes Weslei Machado.

Paragraph Process 13-31.2019, result of an investigation initiated by the Federal Police, clears responsibility for crimes committed in theory by Lucio Flavio Rosary, Emerson Pedraça France and Manoel de Oliveira Galdino and other public officials and persons connected with them (art. 1º, I, II, III to IV do Decreto-Lei n. 201/67 and art. 312 the Penal Code). it comprises, still, information from the Financial Intelligence Report No. 6990, forwarded by the Council for Financial Activities (COAF), with the description of atypical financial transactions in the period 2008 a 2011, as looting, in kind, in an amount exceeding R $ 6.600.000,00, held in Manipur ownership account, by public officials.

As an initial step, the holder of 2ªPJMIN requested the Manipur City Hall and the Department of Amazonas State Finance the bidding processes copy of presentation, of contracts, commitment notes, relative invoices, or the reason for payment 34 individuals and companies investigated.

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