Prosecutor Amazon mobilizes university in selecting tutelary counselors Guajará

Solução juridicamente segura para a seleção dos conselheiros tutelares, cuja atuação é fundamental à garantia dos direitos dos jovens da região.
17/07/2019 12h28 - Updated 17/07/2019 12h28
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A recommendation of the Amazon prosecutors, through the Prosecutor's Office of Guajará, made to the City Hall site, resulted in the partnership that the Government with the support of Foundation and Development of Teaching, Research and University Extension in Acre (Fundape), institution linked to the Federal University of Acre (Ufac), the preparation of the written tests the selection process of the new local guardianship counselors. The institution, contracted by the City, applied the evidence on Tuesday (8/7).

According to Iranilson Justice Promoter Araújo Ribeiro, the option for Ufac was due to the geographical and logistical issues that prevent the participation of public institutions Amazon teaching. Guajará is the farthest city from the state capital, located 1.487 km away from Manaus. Whereupon, the holder of PJ Guajará sought and promptly received support from the coordination of the law school of Ufac, in Cruzeiro do Sul, town near Guajará, for the preparation of the written test.

"The challenges for those working on child protection and youth are increasing every year, due to the recruitment of adolescents by organized crime, the increase in cases of family neglect and crimes against sexual dignity of children and adolescents, which requires the improvement of the selection process of the directors tutelary. The participation of Ufac / Fundape this process, It demonstrates the commitment of the institution with the Juruá Valley region and will be a qualitative leap in the selection of future directors tutelary ", says Iranilson de Araújo Ribeiro, Prosecutor holder PJ Guajará.

"We are proud to build, along with Ufac, Pam, CMDCA and City Hall, a legally secure solution for the selection of tutelary counselors, whose work is fundamental to ensuring the rights of young people in our communities, they often end up unassisted, while they are encountering family and social problems of all kinds ", said the teacher Charles Borges Rossi, Law Course coordinator Ufac / Forest.

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