Woman tries to sell their newborn daughter to an unknown after childbirth

After hospitalization, officials found that, actually, the mother had given a false name and trading children.
14/07/2019 09h29 - Updated 14/07/2019 10h07

monitoring images of the Maternity Hospital Silverio Sources, on Santos, the coast of São Paulo, show the time when the woman 40 years tried to sell his daughter to an unknown enters the unit. She allegedly negotiated the child by R $ 2 one thousand. Both follow hospitalized in stable condition.

The situation happened early Saturday (13). The woman was admitted in the maternity ward in the Castle District, into labor, accompanied by a woman claiming to be his sister. After hospitalization, officials found that, actually, the mother had given a false name and trading children.

Image monitoring released by the city on Sunday (14). You can see the woman on the stretcher being displaced inside the maternity rescuers. Everytime, she gets her hands on her face, seeming desperation and discomfort with pain.

Beside the litter, the accompanying sister, who actually buy the child, It appears white shirt and holding a purple bag. It gets the guidance of one of the staff to wait outside the emergency department. witnesses, after image, she fled the scene.

According to Health Secretary Santos, Fábio Ferraz, the case is delicate, since it was found that, besides being drug user, It carries syphilis. "She went through a professional of psychiatry who made a report confirming the withdrawal during this period", he explained.

Also according to Ferraz, the woman only confessed to selling after getting nervous about the distance of the newborn. "She introduced state of anxiety, the team realized and began to have a more frank discussion with the patient. It was when she assumed the false identity and the sale of R $ 2 one thousand".

The Secretary considers the fact that the use of a unique alias. "We are appalled by this situation", confessed. Early, follows the child hospitalized in the NICU unit, and the mother did not have prenatal care, there is no need baby lifetime, a girl.

The Department of Public Safety (SSP) He was asked about the investigation of the case and the child's Buyer's whereabouts, but the case said only that the case is investigated by the 5th Police District City. The child's mother, homeless and drug user, You will be heard after being discharged. The baby should be under the care of the Child Protection Agency.

Source: G1

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