Omar Aziz should be heard by the Federal Police next week

The wife of the senator and three of his brothers were arrested on Friday (19) and will be transferred to prisons in Manaus.
19/07/2019 20h36 - Updated 20/07/2019 18h54
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The former governor and current senator of the Amazon, Omar Aziz (PSD), is dated testimony scheduled for next Tuesday (23) in the Amazonas Federal Police headquarters, located in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, District Midwest Manaus. Information is the site Political State.

As the site, defending the senator said his testimony was transferred from the afternoon of Friday (19) for the next week at the request of his lawyers.

The former first lady of the Amazon, Nejmi Aziz, Amin, Murad e Mansour Aziz, wife and brothers respectively senator, They were arrested today and will be transferred to prisons in Manaus.

Omar who is also a target of the operation but was not arrested, It is prohibited from leaving the country. As the Federal Police Alexandre Teixeira, the politician is investigated on suspicion of allowing the simulation and overpricing contracts to receive bribes when he was governor of Amazonas. He is also prohibited from communicating with the other investigated.

The senator has not yet ruled on the case. He's in Manaus, at his residence, the condo Efigênio Salles.

The defense of Senator Omar Aziz said he had not yet access to the file. The defense Nejmi Aziz and brothers senator said analyzes the process and will ask for their release.

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