Patient and Hospital Emergency Room Plato Araújo are removed from the hall

A ação foi possível com a abertura de 43 nursing vacancies.
12/07/2019 14h18 - Updated 12/07/2019 19h15

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Management of the Hospital and Emergency Room Plato Araújo, in the east of Manaus, held in these two weeks of July improvements in the organization of the unit that allowed removing patients who were hospitalized in makeshift conditions in the corridors. Action was possible with the opening of 43 nursing vacancies.

For the Secretary of State for Health, Rodrigo Tobias, the reorganization of the units services to better serve the population has been a constant of the new management. "Resource optimization, the reorganization of spaces and good management have helped us in that direction. In some units, as Plato Araújo, the changes are clearly visible. Advancing in very chronic problems solutions that this government found in health, with the help of all, managers and servers ", said Secretary.

The director of HPS, Marcio Rodrigues, who took office 10 days, He explained that the increase was possible just doing a reorganization and better use of space in the unit, without any expense to work with more or staff increase.

"We did a reorganization of the spaces that were being underutilized, as deposits and warehouse, and withdraw all the materials that occupy these rooms. We carry out painting and signage and we host patients, that left runners and are now better accommodated ", said Marcio.

more beds - The director also says that reform will be held on the first floor in the hospital, which should allow the opening of new beds. "We are studying engineering with the possibility of reactivating a wing of the first floor, which must involve more wards, with the forecast of at least 31 new beds ", said Rodrigues.

this planning, the hospital will also receive new rooms for orthopedic consultations, not quite demanded area hospital, said director. Among other improvements expected to be carried out in the unit, They are internal coating and building facade, signaling the corridors and systematization of the patient flow.

attendances - The Hospital and Emergency Room opened in Plato Araújo 2006 and offer care in emergency rooms (adult and pediatric) in medium and high complexity, of general surgery hospitalization, orthopedic and vascular, pediatric hospital, intensive care services (adult and pediatric), imaging services (X-ray, tomography and ultrasonography), nursing services and social services

Evaluation - The sisters Luiza and Rosana Bezerra da Silva are in the unit accompanying his father, who is hospitalized for a week. Both praised the hospital structure, and especially the care provided to the family of them by professionals.

"My father came to the hospital last week and was surprised, because the service is being great. Both nurses, Cleaning staff, administration. I am satisfied. The service here has been great ", He praised Luiza.

Rosana live in Boa Vista (RR), and came to London to accompany the sister treatment of father. She praised the process of reception of patients in the unit performed. "My father was very well attended, not lacked medicine. Despite the crisis in Brazil, hats off to our Amazonas ", said housewife.

The changes carried out in the hospital also pleased professionals. The pediatrician Kayo Felipe Reis states that the withdrawal of patients in corridors Humanized care, and also gave more quality.

"In the past we found patients in the hallway, with medications being made at the wrong time, a disorganized. In this new management, patients left the hall, They went to a ward, which is the appropriate place, improving human issue for the patient. Imagine you are admitted to the hall. This all influences to the treatment ", evaluated the pediatrician.

The doctor Maronilson Abilio, responsible for medical clinical area of ​​the hospital, account that the hall came to house up 60 inpatient improvised, no privacy and even with difficulty using a single bathroom that was in place.

"Before, under these conditions, Those 50 a 60 patients shared only one bathroom. Now, the ward, they have access to four or five bathrooms. It means a lot. Not to mention the privacy. There is more organization ", the doctor said.

The coordinator doctor of adult orthopedics sector, Wellmon Souza, It states that the working environment has improved a lot with the withdrawal of stretchers runners, primarily reflecting the quality of patient care.

"This corridor, which he had turned into ward, It was a bad thing to see. Imagine for the patient, that was being served here? Today, It is a very different scenario. In addition to improving patient recovery, also improves hygiene part, dressings, since before patients are mixed: vascular along with diabetic foot ", remember the doctor.

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