FCECON partnership between Roche and ensures flexibility in the diagnosis of breast cancer

O exame de Imunohistoquímica é utilizado para definir o perfil biológico do tumor, funciona como a identidade do câncer de mama, it is essential to establish the therapeutic procedure the doctor.
12/07/2019 12h09 - Updated 12/07/2019 12h09

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The Foundation Amazonas State Oncology Control Center (FCecon) joined the Roche Testing Program, Roche Lab, which allows complete evaluation of immunohistochemistry panel for breast cancer. The inclusion occurred in April and has provided speed and refinement in the diagnosis of this cancer.

Examination of Immunohistochemistry is used to define the biological tumor profile - functions as the identity of breast cancer -, it is essential to establish the therapeutic procedure the doctor. Since the inclusion in the program, It has been possible to carry out at least 84 exams without any cost to the patient or to the Foundation, reference in the North in the treatment of cancer.

As the CEO of FCECON, mastologist Gershon Mourao, the results have been available from Roche Lab seven days, which has provided gain time for the patient. "To make an appointment with the oncologist and breast cancer specialist, women arrive with the result in hands. Having the information on the biological profile of the tumor, it is possible to establish the most appropriate treatment to the patient ", scored.

Gershon Mourao said that the Foundation presented its need to the laboratory and, after analysis of demand, the hospital was included in the program.

Roche Testing - This is a program that allows complete evaluation of immunohistochemistry panel for breast cancer, in institutions that fall within the eligibility criteria established by Roche.

Logistics - From the request made by the medical oncologist and the authorization of the patient, the samples are sent to the laboratory accredited by Roche. After seven days, the diagnosis is sent to FCECON. The institution and the patient is free of any fees and / or charges for the gathering and logistic the test.

essential examination - The head of the Medical Oncology Service, Gilmara Resende, Immunohistochemistry is stressed that the essential part of the treatment for breast cancer, is in adjuvant settings - complement with other medicine -, Neoadjuvant - prior to a surgical or radiotherapy - and palliative.

According to medical specialist, before starting treatment, it is also necessary to analyze the tumor size, if the lymph nodes are compromised, the age and stage of patient, among other factors.

Before the partnership, in some cases, It had to start treatment without the test results. according to her, however, oncologic point of view, He had become a bottleneck in determining the best therapeutic procedure. "Before, lingered between 45 a 60 days to deliver the results, once the examination is not held in any Manaus laboratory, public or private ", reported.

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