Passenger line 651 They give beating double, after attempted robbery

Quando os policiais chegaram no local os dois homens já estavam rendidos e foram levados para o hospital.
13/07/2019 15h25 - Updated 14/07/2019 13h07

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AM POST Writing –

Two men, suspected of assaulting a bus line 651, They caught late on Friday (12) with several kicks and punches from angry passengers who were in the collective. The pair was arrested Avenue Autaz Mirim, East of Manaus by military police company of the 14th Interactive Community (IDPF), after lynching.

As witnesses of information the two men announced the robbery but passengers realized they were unarmed, It was when all were at them and beat them.

When police arrived on the scene the pair was already rendered, He was rescued and taken to the hospital and emergency room Plato Araújo, also located in the east. Then they were referred to the 14th District Integrated Police (DIP).

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