Plenary reduces minimum retirement age for teachers

Men will retire to 55 years; women, to 52 years.
12/07/2019 16h47 - Updated 13/07/2019 20h37
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By 465 votes to 25, the floor of the House of Representatives passed just reducing the retirement age for teachers. Authored by PDT, the highlight lowers the minimum age for 55 years (men) e 52 years (women).

The reduction applies only to federal teachers, private institutions and municipalities without pension scheme itself. To retire with a lower minimum age, the teacher should meet the transition rule requiring toll 100% the remaining time to retire.

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The highlight was approved according to both the governing coalition and the opposition. The main text of the reform provided retirement teachers from 60 years for men and 57 years for women.

no time, the Chamber discusses highlight the PT to remove the reform change in the calculation of pensions for death. The text-based reduces the amount of pension to 60% the average of the deceased spouse's contributions for those with a dependent, plus an additional 10 percentage points per dependent up to 100% for those with four or more dependent.

On thursday (11) at night, the House had passed a agglutinative amendment to the value of the pension is not less than the minimum wage, if the benefit is the only source of formal widower or widow income. The text-based established that the minimum wage would only be paid if no one in the family had another source of income.

A highlight the solidarity of transition rules was removed. Still missing the plenary address four bench highlights to terminate the pension reform vote in the first round. after that, the House will try to approve the proposal in the second round by the commission today.

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