Mayor Arthur Neto Science confirms that Grove will be reopened on Saturday (13)

The announcement of the reopening was made during the signing of the Letter of Intent, who officiated the emergency actions to be taken by the city to the forest operation maintenance.
12/07/2019 10h30 - Updated 12/07/2019 17h17
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"The Science Grove reopens Saturday (13/7) and not closes while we are in the town hall ", with this phrase, the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, assured on Wednesday, 10, the return of the public visiting the Science Grove, the National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA), that year had been suspended earlier this week because of the lack of resources of the federal institution.

The announcement of the reopening was made during the signing of the Letter of Intent, who officiated the emergency actions to be taken by the city to the forest operation maintenance, held in Rio Branco Palace Cultural Center, Manaus History Center. The ceremony was attended by the director of the INPA, Antonia Franco.

"We need to get serious about science, The technology, biodiversity, Amazon and an institution full 65 years of brilliant service to the country ", said Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto. "The INPA is reduced to a very old picture, with few young, needs immediate contest, It needs to be renovated and not treated with meanness ", completed the mayor was accompanied by the first lady and president of Manaus Solidarity Fund, Elisabeth Ribeiro Valeiko.

The mayor also returned to alert the federal government on the importance of the Amazon in the development of the country. "I refuse to accept this sad fate to Inpa, so we are doing this rather symbolic gesture. Especially because we, the Amazon, we are the last frontier of possible development in the country. Brazil can not waste it ", said Virgil.

The director of the INPA, Antonia Franco, thanked partnership with the Manaus City Hall and called for science to be more valued in the country. "People need to know the search, to appreciate and understand the importance of it to the country's development, so the importance of the institute. We appreciate this opportunity that the mayor is giving us not stop our activities, which provide the transfer of knowledge to the inhabitants of Manaus. Please, support science!”, asked.

emergency actions

By Letter of Intent, Manaus City Hall will provide interns and fellows of the Bolsa University and Exchange Languages, so they can act in responsive to the public's Science Grove. capacity building trainings will be conducted for the fellows and interns start activities by the staff of the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas) and the Municipal Administration, Planning and management (Semad), through the Municipal Public Service School and Inclusion socioeducational (Espi / Semad), plus the institute itself.

altogether, this first moment, will be available 20 interns and 46 fellows to perform receptive activities (local visitors, domestic and foreign tourists) and guidance on the fauna and flora on guided trails in the woods. As will supply, for a period of three months, can be renewed, one of the major difficulties faced by the INPA, which is the lack of staff to care for the forest visitation demand, approximately 120 thousand people / year.

At least 70% the public who visit the Science Grove is made up of students from municipal and state public networks, beyond the particular school system, so the Science Grove plays an important role in environmental education of children and young people, still relying on the project "Science Circuit", with support from Semmas, into the unit.

The territory belonging to the INPA is located in the Environmental Protection Area (WHAT) Manaós forest, municipal conservation area covering forest fragments of the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), set Acariquara, residential Eliza Miranda, Senator Arthur Virgílio Park Lagoon Son and Ulbra-Manaus, integrating the management of protected areas strategy Manaus Prefecture.


As previously announced by Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, It has also signed an agreement for the transfer of funds to the INPA for a period of three months. Even on the morning of Wednesday, the holder of the Municipal Finance, Information and Internal Control Technology (Semef), Lourival Beach, and the attorney general of the municipality, Rafael Albuquerque, They gathered with the board of the INPA, to treat about the necessary adjustments as, which also involves the preparation of a study of technical and economic feasibility with a view to granting the Science Grove to the private sector.

The mayor has also requested a meeting with the Minister of Science and Technology, Marcos Pontes, to seek a permanent solution to maintain the Science Grove.

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