Mayor shot dead after attacking councilor with whip

According to police, politicians quarreled because of a fence.
13/07/2019 15h59 - Updated 13/07/2019 15h59
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The mayor of Naque, in Minas Gerais, Hélio Pinto de Carvalho (PSDB), from 55 years, He was shot dead on Saturday morning. The person responsible for the shooting was Marcos Alves de Lima (PSDC), Alderman same municipality.

According to the Military Police of Minas Gerais, the mayor and Councilman quarreled because of a fence. Marcos Alves de Lima has a property next to an area of ​​the city and would be trying to surround the lot.

During the discussion the toucan would have beaten the councilor with a whip. After the parliamentary pulled out a gun and fired six times against Helio Pinto de Carvalho, known as Helium Fazendinha . The mayor, who was shot in the chest and legs, It came to be rescued and taken to a local hospital, but could not resist.

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