doctor suspected of raping mayor patients in consultations and film the crimes arrested

The policy is denounced for sexual abuse of patients since the late 1980.
19/07/2019 18h40 - Updated 19/07/2019 18h40
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The doctor and mayor of Uruburetama, Hilson José de Paiva was remanded in custody on suspicion of abuse of women and film them with hidden cameras, without the consent of patients. He introduced himself to the police accompanied the lawyer, the General Police Civil Police, in Fortaleza.

The arrest was determined on Friday (19) by Judge José Cleber Nascimento Moura, which considered the extent necessary to preserve evidence and avoid the influence of the mayor in investigations.

According to the Secretariat of Public Security, José Hilton said in a statement to police that an addiction to make the shooting and came to seek treatment.

“Preventive detention is necessary in order to preserve healthiness of the evidence to be produced in court behold, reading parts, it appears that had been represented using its influence to keep unpunished over several years”, the judge decided.

The lawyer, the argument is “absolutely incabível” the fact that the mayor be removed from office the mayor and prevented from exercising medical activity.

Complaints since the late 1980
The Mayor of Uruburetama is denounced for sexual abuse of patients since the late 1980. In the latest case, in 2018, four women said they were raped by the doctor while being served.

Other patients heard by Fantastic said they did not have the courage to inform the authorities about the case because it depended on the mayor to secure employment or public service.

The court also ordered search and seizure of objects in two José Hilson addresses in the cities of Fortaleza and Uruburetama. The measure is to seize computers, cell, tablets, external hard drives, recorded CDs and DVDs, medical prescriptions, prescriptions, consultation agendas, and other objects related to the investigated.

In an interview with Fantastic last week, the doctor said he had sex with the consent of patients who never did anything “the power”. For him, complaints are a “political move” opposition politicians.

After complaints, the organs reacted to the charges against the mayor:
*PCdoB expelled José Hilton party;

*Aldermen away José Hiltom the post of mayor;

*The Regional Council of Medicine prevented him from exercising the profession of medicine for six months;

*The Cearense Association of Gynecology also reported, on Tuesday (16), that the doctor has no gynecological specialty, despite having worked for 30 years in.

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