foresight: House approves special rules for police retirement

A proposta que reduz a idade mínima para os policiais que servem à União, It was approved by 467 a 15.
12/07/2019 08h10 - Updated 12/07/2019 17h17

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The full House of Representatives approved in today's morning (12), by 467 votes to 15, the amendment of which we can reduce the minimum retirement age for police officers serving the Union. federal police, legislative police, Civil Police of the Federal District, federal highway police and federal correctional officers and youth, among others, may retire to 53 years (men) e 52 years (women).

The reduction of the age, However, only worth for those who meet a toll 100% the contribution of time left to retire: 25 years for women and 30 years for men. In this way, is missing three years of contribution under the current rules, the police have to work six years to reduce the minimum age.

The measure applies only to the professionals who are in transition rule. For future police and security officers of the Union or who choose not to comply with the toll, the minimum age was maintained 55 years and the police service time 15 years for both sexes.

Presented by the bench We, the amendment had agreement to be approved. The conditions are the same ones that appeared last week in the special commission, where the highlight was rejected.

There are still nine highlights and amendments to be voted. Leaders of some parties agreed to form a block to unify the voting instructions, with the leader of a party speaking on behalf of others, to speed up the session. In some cases, the block will give up the only route guidance.

The discussion of the highlights started around 17:30 and will only end in the early hours of Friday (12). Members also have highlights and nine amendments to vote. The mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), It plans to close the vote, in second round, on Friday evening or Saturday morning (13).

Source: Agency Brazil

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