Teacher is ordered to 20 years in prison for sex with student 13 years

The lawyer for the teacher came to blame the boy 13 years, saying that he “It was not a child, but a teenager who knew what he was doing”.
13/07/2019 16h29 - Updated 13/07/2019 16h29
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The teacher Brittany Zamora, from 28 years, who was arrested in March last year for having sex with a student 13 years, He was sentenced on Friday (12). She took 20 years in prison, it was a minimum sentence, sexual abuse. The prosecutor and the victim's family asked for the maximum penalty, What would 30 years.

During his testimony, the teacher even apologized to the victim and family, but he said the move was “out of character” and it was a “good and genuine person”. She also blamed the media and said it was the press that designed as a “monster”. The lawyer Zamora went further and came to blame the boy 13 years, saying that he “It was not a child, but a teenager who knew what he was doing”.

Brittany Zamora was arrested in March last year, after the victim's parents, who did not have his name revealed in the process, find intimate conversations, complete with photos of naked educator, Boy in social networks.
The investigation found that the two had sex for months, including inside Academy gives Las Brisas, where she taught for less. The teacher came to put another student, only 11 years, from “look” at the door of a classroom while he had a close encounter with the victim.

In season, the school principal's attitude, Timothy Dickey, It has also been questioned, since the three students warned of an alleged relationship between Zamora and student, but the director chose not to investigate the history and also gave a talk to students about “the dangers of rumors and gossip.”

For the prosecution , It considered the ruling a defeat, and the victim's family there is no question of fraudulent behavior of the educator. “Zamora attracted this kid, He gained their trust and then took advantage of it to meet their sexual desires”, said the victim's mother.

“She's a pedophile like any other and it would be no different if she were a man”, He completed the victim's mother.
For the prosecution and the local press, the teacher took a more lenient sentence for being a woman. “Zamora became a victim and put the judge in a difficult position”, wrote Laurie Roberts, columnist for Central Arizona.

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