Gang that ran drug trafficking in the Valley Lily of the neighborhood is disjointed

As investigações em torno dessa organização criminosa iniciaram em maio deste ano.
11/07/2019 15h28 - Updated 11/07/2019 15h28

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The delegate Aldeney Goes, holder of 19 ° Integrated Police District (DIP), He said early on Thursday (11/7), at 9:30 am, on the dismantling of a gang which had been running the drug trade in the Lily of the Valley neighborhood, west of Manaus. Eight people involved in the criminal scheme were presented during a press conference at the police unit building.

The police official explained that Eliakim Vieira Battle, 29; Erilane Olive Branches, 35; Gabrielly Farias de Melo, 21; Keisse dos Santos Costa, 37; Monike Cassia Souza da Silva, 28, and Samuel Vieira Battle, 22, They were arrested over Wednesday (10/7), in different parts of the Lily of the Valley neighborhood, while serving preventive arrest warrants issued by Judge Jean Carlos Pimentel dos Santos, the 1st Court Specializing in Crimes of Use and Trafficking of Drugs (Vecute).

Goes disse, still, Anderson Barbosa Felipe, 34, known as "Wig", and Celson Alves dos Santos, 36, the "Yellow", who were in the incarceration of Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs) for involvement in murder, had preventive arrest warrants served on integrating the criminal scheme in the Lily of the Valley neighborhood.

"The investigations into this criminal organization started in May this year, when the group started to be monitored by our staff. During the steps, We found that the gang was active in the distribution and marketing of drugs in the Lily of the Valley neighborhood. Besides that, Anderson and Celson have participation in members of a rival gang homicide ", reported Goes.

– Anderson, Celson, Eliakim, Erilane, gabrielly, Keisse, Monike and Samuel were indicted for drug trafficking and criminal organization. Anderson and Celson will also account for doubly aggravated murder.

At the end of the procedures applicable, men will be sent to the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM) and women brought to the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF), located at kilometer eight of the BR-174 federal highway.

The delegate reported that three other offenders, involved in drug trafficking in the Lily of the Valley neighborhood, They have been identified and are being sought by police. "They are already considered fugitives from justice, because there are, on their behalf, outstanding arrest warrants, by participation in the criminal scheme. I emphasize that the efforts will continue, until we arrest all members of this criminal organization, who had been working in the Valley Lily of the neighborhood ", stated.

Aldeney Goes asks people who can collaborate with information on the case to contact the team by the number 19 DIP (92) 99962-4415, the hot line of the police unit. "We also provide the number 181, the Secretary of State of Amazonas Public Safety (SSP-AM). We ensure the confidentiality of the identity of informants ", secured.

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