Rodrigo Maia believe approval of the pension reform with 'good margin’ Feedback

The mayor scored sessions in the plenary from Monday (8) afternoon to ensure that the matter begins to be enjoyed the next day.
07/07/2019 08h38 - Updated 8/07/2019 12h59
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The mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) He met this morning (6) with party leaders and the government and organizers said he was confident in the adoption of pension reform "with a good margin of votes". Maia works so that the quorum of members is high and, finished or discussion, it is possible to enter the text of the voting process between Tuesday (9) it's Wednesday (10).

"The important thing is to win. We will win with a good margin for a matter that a year ago was very difficult to get that time with prospect of victory ", He said he left his official residence, where the meeting took place. According to Deputy, there is a favorable environment in parliament for one to vote the matter before the parliamentary recess, starting in 18 July.

They attended the meeting of the PP leaders, Arthur Lira (AL), and Democrats, Elmar Birth (BA). The Minister of Government Secretariat, Luiz Eduardo Ramos, new political operator Plateau, and the Special Secretary of Welfare and Labor Ministry of Economy, Rogério Marinho, also attended the meeting.

The report by Mr Samuel Moreira (RJ-PSDB) It was approved yesterday morning (5) the special committee to consider the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) forwarded by the Government. Maia scored sessions in the plenary from Monday (8) afternoon to ensure that the matter begins to be enjoyed the next day, since it takes a gap of two sessions of the plenary session after the vote by the commission so that the text under discussion between the plenary.

To speed up the processing of reform, it is possible that the deputies approve a request to break this gap. "Depending on when the discussion process starts may not be necessary [the brake]. If necessary, the parties of the majority and the ruling party have votes to break [the gap] and we will work to get votes for the approval of the amendment ", said.

Last week, the mayor estimated that already has the necessary votes to approve the text. The expectation of the parliamentary is that the measure is approved by just over 325 MEPs. A PEC need two rounds of voting in plenary and, no minimum, 308 votes in each round to be approved.

Between the first and second round of voting is also a need for interstitial, five sessions. according to Maia, if there is a "resounding victory" in the first round there is "more political support for a break [do insterstício] the first to the second [round]”.

it assesses, However, that to be a "controversial constitutional amendment", perhaps important time for the final version after the first vote. "We need to have all this care to give more legal certainty for that matter tramite respecting the watering of the game so you do not risk having material blocked by the Supreme [Federal Court]”, said.

If validated by Members, the text goes to the Senate analysis, which it should also be enjoyed in two shifts and depends on the approval of, at least, 49 senators.

Confidence in Congress
By leaving the official residence of the House, Minister Luiz Ramos spoke briefly to the press and said that the government is seeking to build solutions for the vote on the new pension plan with the president Rodrigo Maia and trust in Congress for it to be approved.

Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) It was also the official residence this morning and, to leave, He said there is an effort to have the text approved in the House before the recess. According to the parliamentary, It is important to have a dialogue between the two houses for approval of the new pension plan, but you need to think about alternatives to boost the Brazilian economy. "Only that [Welfare reform] It will not solve the issue of Brazil ", said Senator. "It is an exchange of information and experiences to which we can make Brazil grow back".

Source: Agency Brazil

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