Tabata Amaral and seven are suspended PDT for voting in favor of reform

The PDT has announced it will initiate disciplinary proceedings against the eight deputies who disrespected party decision.
17/07/2019 13h22 - Updated 17/07/2019 18h02
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The Congresswoman Tamata Amaral and seven were suspended by PDT for voting in favor of pension reform in the project's first phase voting in the House. The decision was made after a meeting between the national executive, the ethics committee and the presidents of the social movements of the party, on the morning of Wednesday, (17).

The PDT has announced it will initiate disciplinary proceedings against the eight deputies who disrespected party decision. By majority decision, second or party, parliamentarians also no longer represent the legend until the process is completed - which may take up to 60 days.

In March, PDT was closed case against the reform in the pension system presented by management Bolsonaro.

“(Members) They had all party bodies to discuss, submit proposals. And only on the day of voting, after months of internal discussions, They positioned themselves in favor of cowardice against Brazilian workers ", said Carlos Lupi, President PDT text published on the website of the caption.

Lupi said he hopes that the suspended lawmakers can "evolve" to the vote of the second phase of the PEC to vote in accordance with the recommendation of the party.

The outos Members of PDT face disciplinary proceedings, beyond Tabata, are: Alex Santana (BA), Warrant Officer Gonzaga (MG), Silvia Cristina (RO), Marlon Santos (RS), Sergio Jesus (AC), Gil Cutrim (BUT) and Flavio Nogueira (PI).

In addition to PDT, PSB also opened internal process to discuss the fact 11 of your 32 Members have thwarted the party in the same vote.

The two subtitles can now pass through a sticky situation: as the mandate belongs to the deputy and not the party, if they decide to expel all who disregarded the party decision, PDT and PSB lose each about a third of its seats in the House.

Meanwhile, Members, abound offers to join other parties - eyeing increase your countertops, television time and share the party fund.

crack cases parties are no strangers to the national policy. The most famous has to do also with a pension reform: the creation of PSOL, in 2004, happened after then Members of PT (as Heloisa Helena and Luciana Genro) They were expelled from the party to vote against the reform approved by former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in 2003.

But the PSDB was born in 1988 as MDB arm, after politicians like Fernando Henrique Cardoso disagreed with the decisions taken by the party in the Constituent.

Tabata was not silent
Faced with the threat of expulsion, Tabata published a video in your social networks, last week, justifying his vote in favor of pension reform. "My vote is a vote of conscience, It is not a vote-selling and follow my convictions and all I studied so far ", said.

After criticism last week, Congresswoman also used his biweekly space S of Folha. Paulo to strengthen his conviction of having gone against the guidance of PDT and say who is suffering political persecution.

"We're not talking about two or three parliamentary, but nearly a third of the two relevant acronyms stands occupying position closer to the center in the left spectrum. The expressiveness of this dissent sparked at least a yellow light in structures?”, He asked Mrs.

Placed sixth in the overall deputies in 2018, Tabata earned the spotlight because of his life story and plans for education, including hard contesting the then Minister of Education Ricardo Velez Rodriguez and his successor, Abraham Weintraub.

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