Vice President Hamilton Mourao will come to Manaus in October to ECA Symposium

O convite foi formalizado na tarde de ontem (10) in private meeting at the Presidential Palace.
11/07/2019 16h37 - Updated 12/07/2019 13h14

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The vice-president, Anthony Hamilton Martins Mourão, It will be one of the authorities present at the 2nd International Symposium on Environmental Management and Public Accounts Control, which takes place in Manaus in the days 17, 18 e 19 October this year, the Convention Center Vasco Vasques. The invitation was formalized on the afternoon of Thursday (11), in private meeting at the Presidential Palace, between or general, the President of the Court of Auditors Amazon (TCE-AM), director Mario Mello, and adviser Julio Pinheiro, who are coordinating the event.

Promoted by TEC-AM, the symposium will bring together hundreds of national and international personalities in the area, as the North American environmentalist and biologist Thomas Lovejoy, a specialist in conservation worthy, ecology and tropical biology, as well as ministers of the Supreme Court (STF), Superior Court (STJ), court Union accounts (TCU) and members of the Audit Courts of the country and abroad, already confirming presence.

By formalizing the invitation to Vice President, Councilor Mario de Mello stressed the importance of his participation, as prominent international figure, the meeting that will discuss the importance of the Amazon and other biomes, for maintenance on life on the planet, e, still, about the performance interface of the Courts of Auditors and other oversight bodies in question.

"The idea is to debate points to guide the action of the Audit Courts and control bodies to act preventively, e, at the same time, overseeing the proper use of public funds. The event will be great, we have no doubt. We have the scientific support of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) and the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust)”, revealed the director Mario Mello, to point out that the Symposium is supported, still, do TCU, Association Member of the Audit Courts of Brazil (Atricon) and the Institute Ruy Barbosa (IRB), that have encouraged national discussions on the formulation and implementation of environmental audits within the TCs.

The counselor Julio Pinheiro, which coordinates environmental projects TEC-AM, recalled that the 1st Symposium, in 2010, brought together more than a thousand people at the hotel Tropical, In Manaus, including specialists in management and environmental law in several countries, imbued with the aim of proposing new paradigms and expand the activities of these bodies, with a modern, more active stance on environmental conservation. "The TCE-AM is a pioneer in the institutionalization of the environmental variable in the external control. we are proposing, now, a new, wide-ranging debate, thinking of future generations and we want your presence with us ", he said.

Thanking for the invitation to the symposium in October, Vice President Hamilton Mourao said it will be at the opening, no dia 17, where to speak at the event. His participation in the second day of the event, in speaker quality, It will still be seen in his schedule, Desk Officer with the Civil Office of the Vice President. at the meeting, General recalled, saudosista, time he lived in the Amazon and attended and the War Instruction Center in the jungle.

objective, audience and inscriptions
In three days of debates, 2nd International Symposium on Environmental Management and Public Accounts Control wants to encourage participatory instances of external control of the Audit Courts and control bodies to implement the environmental variable in specific audits and to promote the exchange and the exchange of experience between the Courts Accounts and international institutions.

Or target, according to advisers, It is to discuss technical and scientific mechanisms to ensure environmental sustainability with its effective control, from the exchange of experience with personalities of the highest relevance, able to develop guidelines and innovative projects, in order to carry out the public control of environmental management.

no event, They are provided for the realization of eight panels on the three days, each lasting on average two hours and 25 minutes and with three panelists. The tables will be coordinated by members of TCEs and guests with the effective participation of the participants with questions.

In addition to the counselors, auditors, analysts of TCEs and audit offices of municipalities and TCU auditors, the event is aimed at lawyers and prosecutors and open to researchers, teachers, representatives of civil society and undergraduate and graduate.

According to the director Mario de Mello, Registration for the Symposium will be opened at the beginning of August through the ECA portal ( no time, the coordination of the event, held by the Department of Environmental Management (Deamb), It is focused on confirming the authorities of Brazil and abroad who are applying for vacancies.

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