“Director general of PF is subordinate to me, not to Moro”, says Bolsonaro

The president ruled out the possibility to eventually replace the head of the PF.
22/08/2019 15h22 - Updated 23/08/2019 13h13

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President Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) again today to emphasize that the general director of the Federal Police (PF), Mauritius Valeixo, It is subordinate to him, and not the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sergio Moro. Bolsonaro not ruled out the possibility to eventually replace the head of the PF.

The Federal Police is within the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, headed by Moro.

“If I change (the director general of the PF) today, what's the problem? It is the law that I point out and not Sergio Moro. End of story”, Bolsonaro declared in conversation with journalists, in the morning. “He (Valeixo) It is subordinate to me, not the Minister. I leave very clear that there. I point out is that. It is quite clear in the law.

Asked if there, indeed, intended to replace the head of the PF, Bolsonaro replied that, if you do, it will be “on the right time”.

“Today I do not know. Anything can happen in politics”, He replied when asked if there is a possibility of exchange on Thursday. Yesterday, the president claimed to be an agent who can “interfere even” in some federal agencies if necessary. Today, strengthened the position saying that alleged interference are, in their view, A way of “change”. “I want you to fight corruption, to do things the best way possible. I'm not accusing anyone of doing anything wrong. But the statement is my. Therefore elected President of the Republic.

He complained of a “terrible wave” that occurred after changes in the PF superintendents – which intensified with the announcement of the president on the output of the superintendent of Rio at a news conference.

“Now there is a terrible wave of oversight. Our (superintendents) They were exchanged and no one spoke. I suggest the face of a state to go there and say 'is interfering'. Wait a second. If I can not change the superintendent, I will replace the director general. There is no question that there”, he said. “Whether it is for non-interference, the former director, which is what was there with (ex-president Michel) To fear, It had to be maintained. Or PF is now something independent?

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