Former mayor of Alvarães is fined R $ 1,8 million by the ECA-AM

According to the agency, inúmeras irregularidades foram detectadas na contas da Prefeitura de Alvarães do ano de 2013.
13/08/2019 14h58 - Updated 13/08/2019 17h42
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In a decision taken on the morning of Tuesday (13), during the 26th ordinary session 2019, full of Amazon Court (TCE-AM) deemed irregular accounts of the Municipal Prefecture of Alvarães, the responsibility of the former mayor Mario Tomas Litaiff, the year 2013.

Due to numerous irregularities detected by technical bodies and ministerial, the rapporteur of the case, Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, He condemned the manager to return to public coffers an amount of R $ 1,8 million (sum of fine and scope).

Among the violations that led the rapporteur disapprove the accounts manager, They are the absence of information to the citizen service with physical facilities of the service concerned; health expenses not applied through the Municipal Health Fund, as well as lack of registration of monitoring and supervision by Council; delay in sending the summary report of budget execution; asset tracking absences, Technical and Legal Opinion or Spreadsheet composition Social Charges.

In his opinion, Ari Moutinho Junior Advisor, He recommended to the Municipal Prefecture of Alvarães, using transparency tools, in compliance with the Fiscal Responsibility Law and Access to Information, giving wide dissemination to the acts of the Municipal Public Administration; which complies with Articles 94 a 96 of law 4.320/64, which deals with standards for records and control of assets, in addition to timely meet all the legal requirements established by Law 8.666/93. The manager has 30 day resort or return the money to the public coffers.

Another manager who had the bills disapproved by the ECA collegiate was the Amazonas State Board of Trade (Juce), for the year 2016, Open liability Carlos Cavalcante de Souza. The rapporteur of the case, auditor Luiz Henrique Mendes, condemned the manager to return to public coffers fine of $ 15 one thousand.

Among those found improprieties, They are the lack of internal control, missing report and audit certificate, violation of reliability features, reliability and visibility of public sector accounting, and the absence of technical / legal advice. The head also has 30 days to appeal or return the money to the public coffers.

regular accounts with caveats
During the session have the accounts approved with reservations with fines, the manager of the accounts of Surveillance Foundation in Amazonas State Health (FVS-AM), liability Bernardino Claudio de Albuquerque, Director-President of the year 2017, fined R $ 16 one thousand, the auditor Luiz Henrique Mendes; Municipal Institute of Engineering, Oversight, Safety and Traffic Education and Transport Manacapuru (Imtrans/Manacapuru), Liability Betanael da Silva Martins and Elvis Lemos, in the year of 2017, fined R $ 4 mil e R$ 3 one thousand, by advisor Mario de Mello; and the accounts of the Fund for the Development of Education (Fundeb / Tabatinga), Valdiney liability da Silva dos Santos, exercise 2017, fined R $ 4 one thousand, by advisor Julio Cabral.

They had regular accounts with reservations without penalty, the accounts of the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transport (SMTU), liability Pedro da Costa and Thiago Balbi de Souza Lima, in the year of 2016; State Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents (Feca), the responsibility of the former secretary Maria das Graças Soares Prola, exercise 2015; Central Medicines of the Ministry of Health of Amazonas (th), exercise 2016, Andrely liability of Cordoba; and the accounts of the Social Promotion Fund (FPS), of responsibility Vania Maria Cyrino Barbosa and Ana Maria Cat Bentes, exercise 2017.

Two approved accounts
at the sitting, only two accounts were judged regular, they are the accounts of the National Program to Support the Administrative and Fiscal Management of Brazilian Municipalities (PNAFM), exercise 2016, liability Ulysses Tapajós Neto and Drug Center of the accounts of the Ministry of Health of Amazonas (th), year exercise 2016, of responsibility José Arnaldo Lima Grijó.

In addition to Ari Moutinho junior counselors, Mario Melo and Julio Cabral, beyond the auditor Luiz Henrique Mendes already mentioned above, attended the session counselors, Erico Exile, Joshua Son, Julio Pinheiro and Mario Filho auditors and Alipio Kings Firmo Son. Councilwoman president, Yara Lins dos Santos, has scheduled the next session for the day 20 of August (Tuesday).

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