Governor signs letter requesting support from the presidency in fighting fires in the Amazon

In the letter, the government calls material support to combat deforestation actions and support to strengthen the actions that are being led by the State Government.
24/08/2019 15h48 - Updated 25/08/2019 12h57

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The governor Wilson Lima signed, in this Saturday (24/08), a letter addressed to the Federal Government requesting material support to effectively combat deforestation in the Amazon and increase the illegal activities of enforcement actions. The signing took place at the headquarters of the Secretariat of State for the Environment (Schema), Ten in Park neighborhood, south-central zone of Manaus. After signing, the governor went to the southern Amazon, which hold overflight to ascertain the situation of fires.

In the letter sent to the President of the Republic, the government calls material support to combat deforestation actions and support to strengthen the actions that are being led by the State Government.

"We have signed a letter together with the governors of the Amazon, of our consortium and are individually forwarding letters. On Tuesday, we have a schedule marked with the president for us we trace these actions to be developed in the states ", said the governor.

The letter also calls for immediate steps to facilitate the cooperation of the state governments of the Amazon with the Federal Government.

monitoring – Accompanied by the Secretary of Sema, Eduardo Taveira, and President of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam), Juliano Valente, the governor visited the structure in which it operates geotecnológica the new methodology used by Ipaam to identify fires and illegal logging, allowing prosecuting offenders without the need for field operation.

"This is an agenda that has been in our priorities, with the actions we have taken, even at the beginning of August already observing this upward trend, we decree an emergency situation, we set up a task force, which is formed by various state government agencies, in partnership with the Ipaam and also with local governments. Today we have a total of approximately 500 brigade formed by the union of these institutions to fight those fires in southern Amazonas state ", said the governor.

false information – Wilson Lima also stressed the importance of accurate dissemination of information on deforestation. Impacts can reach the state tourism industry, and possible investments in the Amazon.

"It is worrying the issue of deforestation, but if we get our data here, all areas of deforestation and focus heat were identified represent, of the total territory of the state of Amazonas, 0,16%, It is then less than 1%, not that it's not serious, but this causes a very bad image for our region, everyone ends up being affected, and every time something happens in that direction, the government's, the inhabitants of the Amazon are the first to receive this account ".

how to Report - Cases of irregular fires can be reported to the Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) through phones(92) 2123-6715‬ e ‪2123-6729‬, from 8h to 17h, or at(92) 98455-7379‬ (WhatsApp).

Besides that, they can also be registered in person at the headquarters of Ipaam, located on Avenida Mario Ypiranga, 3.280, park Ten, south-central zone of Manaus, or by e-mail [email protected] not inside, cases can be reported to the Municipal Environment.

In case of emergency, citizens can trigger the fire department by telephone 193.

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