Unick Forex limits redemptions to the amount invested and parcel withdrawals

Company was the target of three warnings to the market of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) on irregular supply of investment.
17/08/2019 14h58 - Updated 26/08/2019 13h44

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A Nick Forex, company offering investments in products with profitability well above the market, said it will limit the payment applications to the amount invested and will allow monthly redemptions only. Who has redeemed the principal will have no right to looting and those who do not will have to wait rescued the credit every month of so-called bonus advertising, in practice remunerate sold packages shopping.

A company, which had been experiencing problems making payments Serves two months ago and became the subject of thousands of complaints in Claim Here site, He took the site down in early August claiming the need to update their systems, and promised to resume business on 14. however, the site has returned to work only day 16, and serve new rules. The company also said it "began an internal audit 2 August "that justified the changes.

The Unick was the target of three warnings to the market of the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) on irregular supply of investment. The CVM also opened a punitive administrative proceeding against the company to investigate irregularities, that is in progress. The Unick states in its defense that does not offer investment, and therefore would be outside the scope of CVM.

The company claims to sell "content on the financial market" and that the funds raised are invested in the financial market on behalf of Unick, its owner. The returns earned on investments are made, partly, used to remunerate the "partners" of the company, in a multilevel marketing structure, claims. Recently, the Unick announced the creation of an educational platform, a Nick Academy.

The Unick filed a Commitment Agreement this month to try to end the process. The company says it operates in more than 90 countries and has over one million customers, over 6 millions of products sold.

Surprises in return
The announcement of the changes was made on video in the company's social networks on Wednesday by the president of Unick, Leidimar Bernardo Lopes, next to the Marketing Director, Danter Silva and the legal director Fernando Lusvarghi. Lopes was, I had promised "surprises" in announcing the suspension of operations by 10 days in early August, who explained that the bailouts of advertising bonuses, which act as compensation for investors in practice, They will be limited. "Everyone who bought products to 2 August now receive all the bonuses until 100% purchase ", he said. "If you received 20% bonuses, continues to receive up to 100% ". That is, You get back the amount you applied. For those who already drew 100% of the amount invested, or "buy", the account will be inactive.

Continue to invest
no video, Lopes encourages customers to re-invest in Unick, stating that, for these, the system will continue to function normally. Even the ancient, follow a schedule of redemptions. "If have 20% earnings, It continues until the 100% ceiling ", says. "But if you bought the product in February and have won over 100%, the account is in the same place, with all my data, but as I received 100% bonuses, the account is inactive ", he explained. "We are giving the opportunity to those who believed in us to come back to buy and earn longer", said.

monthly redemptions on the anniversary of account
Besides the limitation value applied, withdrawals will adhere to a release schedule of money. "From day 16 (of August), there are new timetables ", explains Lopes. The investor will have to see what the day of activation anniversary of "bonus cash back". This is the reference date to be used for the redemption requests. "Watch out for 15 of August, will accumulate the bonus until the day 15 of September. From 15 of September, will be able to request redemption of bonus referring to advertising period 15 August- 15 of September", Lopes explained.

That is, redemptions will be limited to the monthly remuneration of each account up to the amount invested, no return. Only those who have pulled out more than the principal before the change will profitably. "You who have an active plan, entitled to receive up to 100% of the purchase price of the product, will follow this schedule ", said. "Until the 15 of September, when it will be available, we will begin to accumulate from tomorrow and day 15 September releases for the available ", he said. But this only applies to those who did not serve the main. "I have 10 products, but 2 They went from 100%, the two are closed ", he explained. The others 8 They begin to release redemptions once a month.

suspended commissions
The Unick also said it would suspend for 40 day commission payments of "leaders" for product sales and new customers. "We need that time to do an update", says Lopes.

withdrawal rate of dispensing 8%
according to Lopes, the changes were motivated by the company's need to go through an internal audit. "We need to go through an internal audit", he explained, justifying the changes stating that "in addition to consuming the product, the customer will receive 100% bonus ". He also announced that the company will not charge a withdrawal fee, from 8%. "Only from the new packages, now entering ", said.

35 million hits to the site
The Unick also announced a series of products, indicating that now wants to act more in the branches of education and e-commerce. "Introducing a new site, faster, pretty, sturdy", said Marketing Director, Danter Silva, citing the large volume of hits. "Only in July, we had 35 million hits ", he said. The period coincided with the credit issues of the company's redemption, just before the shutdown and update site audit. The company also announced a new virtual office.

Clothes Unick Ever
Then, Silva said the company is launching unique platform of e-commerce with third party products and exclusive brand Unick, between them, Ever Unick of brand clothes and perfumes. "We are a technology company and education", he explained. He also announced the launch of the social institution Unick Hope, a travel and tourism agency, a Nick Tur. Nick, and partnerships to provide safe and consortia. "We negotiate partnerships with a broker and a consortium of administrator and present its own brand of Insurance and Consortium Unick", said.

It was also announced one payment platform, Ted Straight, where will the resources released from the accounts of the company's products. And yet it launched Unick Bot, an artificial intelligence company of robots to execute orders in financial markets. "Who live, you will see!”, He concluded Silva, highlighting "the size of this structure that we are delivering to you, this is the family, for all of us take advantage ", he said.

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