Wilson Lima fly over the south of the Amazon region and opens center for environmental management in Boca do Acre

Before leaving for Boca do Acre, Wilson Lima signed a letter to the Federal Government requesting material support to the fight against deforestation.
24/08/2019 19h15 - Updated 25/08/2019 13h04

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The governor Wilson Lima flew, in this Saturday (24/08), the south of the Amazon region, which concentrates the majority of fire outbreaks in the state. In an hour and a half we were driven about 80 km, in Boca do Acre region, Amazon south of the city, on the border with Acre and Rondônia.

"We came exactly where there are these hot spots, these deforestation foci. We also note a significant clearing activity for logging, of hardwoods, burning for the use of pastures,"The governor said at the end of flyover.

Accompanied by the Secretary for the Environment (Schema), Eduardo Taveira; the chief executive of the Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam), Juliano Valente; and chairman of the Environment of the State Legislative Assembly, State Representative Joan Darc, Wilson Lima ordered the immediate operation in the region.

"We believe that with the actions we are taking now, opening of a monitoring center here in Boca do Acre and the operation that we will do in the coming days, we mitigate these impacts, mainly from smoke, and thereby preventing the issue of breathing problems, especially children and the elderly ", said the governor.

"What we have here is an activity being developed irregular burning. We have no record of the burned authorization Ipaam. Comparing the data with the base of Ipaam, a cartographic database of Ipaam, we already have identity and CPF owner and property. The action is tax assessment and immediate embargo of property ", said the CEO of Ipaam, Juliano Valente.

Multifunctional center
To intensify actions to combat environmental crimes, in Boca do Acre region, the Government of Amazonas opened the third state of the Multifunctional Center. The office will facilitate the environmental management in the region and is part of the first stage of the Prevention and Combating Deforestation and Conservation of Tropical Forest Project in Amazonas State.

"This land can be used responsibly. No way you produce, as you develop livestock, develop exploratory activity wood, but managed and responsible way. That's what we're looking for ", the governor said during the inauguration of the Center.

The Boca do Acre unit will serve as a base for state agencies, federal and municipal in promoting integrated actions in the control of environmental management in the state and is the result of Financial Cooperation Brazil / Germany KfW German Development Bank with the Government of Amazonas.

Before leaving for Boca do Acre, Wilson Lima signed a letter to the Federal Government requesting material support to effectively combat deforestation in the Amazon and increase the illegal activities of enforcement actions. The signing took place at the headquarters of the Secretariat of State for the Environment (Schema), Ten in Park neighborhood, south-central zone of Manaus. The document also calls for immediate steps to facilitate the cooperation of the state governments of the Amazon with the Federal Government.

Wilson also visited Lima, on Saturday morning, where the structure operates geotecnológica new methodology used to identify the Ipaam burning and illegal logging, allowing prosecuting offenders without the need for field operation.

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