Bolsonaro announces exit from the PSL and confirms creation of new party

The expectation is that about 30 PSL parliamentary migrate to the new acronym with Bolsonaro.
12/11/2019 17h30 - Updated 13/11/2019 19h17

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President Jair Bolsonaro (PAGE) It announced on Tuesday, 12, the allies will leave the PSL and will work to create a new party, called Alliance for Brazil. The information was given by members who attended a meeting at the Presidential Palace with President.

Mrs Bia Kicis (PSL-DF) He said he hoped the new party chair Bolsonaro. according to her, the first abbreviation of the Convention will be held in 21 from November. Also according to her, Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ) will immediately party.

Congressman Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) He said the idea of ​​MPs is to stay in the PSL until the creation of the new legend is formalized. The expectation is that about 30 parliamentary migrate to the new acronym with Bolsonaro. names, however, They are not yet defined. The Alliance for Brazil is also open to house politicians currently in other parties.

The Bolsonaro lawyers estimate that will be able to deliver, until March of next year, about the 500 thousand signatures required by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for creating new acronym. The idea is to enable the party in time to launch candidates in municipal elections 2020, which requires approval by the electoral court until April.

The TSE has not yet confirmed, "But will" allow, according to the deputy Daniel Silveira, that the collection of signatures needed to be done through a mobile application.

The PSL's internal dispute surfaced in 8 of October. In that day, the Alvorada Palace gate, Bolsonaro criticized the party chairman, Luciano Bivar (ON), a pre-candidate for councilor of Recife (ON).

"The guy (Bivar) It is blown to hell there. Will burn my movie too. Forget this guy, forget the party ", continued. From there, A series of barbs exchanged between the two opposing groups formed among the fellow.

The information was confirmed by Deputy Colonel Chrysostom (PSL-RO), present at the meeting. The president also did not comment on the issue after the meeting.

Yesterday, Rao the column Constance, Congressman Carlos Jordy (PSL-RJ) He said that would accompany the president Bolsonaro in an eventual migration to a new party.

Next steps
The group must now reap 500 thousand signatures and deliver them to the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) by March 2020 so that the “Alliance for Brazil” can launch their own candidates in the municipal elections of next year.

The will of dissidents pesselistas is that the collection of signatures for the creation of the new party is done through application with digital certification in order to speed up the process. The development tool is supervised by lawyers so that it is suitable for all requirements of the court.

Asked about the feasibility of the application, Silveira said the electronic collection is “and safe, rapidly accept and”.

“There is no doubt that the president take the test today and publish it is creating a new party, he manages to collect one million [signatures] in 24 hours”, he said.

The pesselistas dissidents will promote the first national convention of the Alliance for Brazil in 21 from November, in Brasilia, second deputies. The status and details must be disclosed at the time.

Silveira added that if the new party is not created until March next year, dissidents intend to continue in the PSL - unless they are expelled.

Crisis with PSL
The feud between the PSL and Jair Bolsonaro started already and February, when Gustavo Bebiano, then Minister of the Presidency General Secretariat was fired after publicly quarrel with Councilman Carlos Rio Bolsonaro.

That same month, the principal chief of the PSL, the national president of Acronym Luciano Bivar, It was the target of the investigations PF (Federal police) e MP (public ministry) apuravam that if he had made two cash use during the election campaign.

In March, the Electoral Court authorized the Federal Police to investigate a candidate of the PSL in Pernambuco would have acted as orange for the party to receive R $ 400 thousand in election public funds. These accusations angered Bolsonaro.

Besides that, during the first half, PSL members voted against the government in the House, as PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) plastered that part of the budget and made mandatory the payment of expenses that could be postponed.

After, Congressman Alexandre Frota left the PSL-SP and went to the PSDB making public public criticism of the President and his three sons politicians: Flávio, Eduardo and Carlos Bolsonaro. Along the Fleet, the then leader of the PSL in the House, Deputy Delegate Waldir (GO), also criticized vehemently.

Unaware he was being recorded, Bolsonaro asked for a sympathetic delete a video in which praised Luciano Bivar, stating that the President of Acronym was “burning hell” and recommended that the supporter forget the PSL. A week later, PF triggered search and seizure against Bivar.

In October, there was another raid between Delegate and Waldir Eduardo Bolsonaro. At arm iron-, Eduardo took over the leadership of the PSL in the House. Waldir out shooting, calling the president “bum” and promising to implode it.

As the leader of PSL, Eduardo replaced Mrs Joice Hasselmann (PSL-SP) as government leader in Congress by Senator Eduardo Gomes (MDB-TO). The São Paulo Mrs cried.

Source: UOL

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