Law student arrested for stealing students in a University Center, in Flores neighborhood

Ele tentou fugir do local pulando do segundo andar da unidade, However, He ended up fracturing both ankles.
11/11/2019 18h00 - Updated 12/11/2019 13h03

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The research team of 23 Integrated Police District (DIP), under the command of delegate Henrique Brazil, holder of the police unit, arrested, in the act, on the morning of Monday (11/11), at 10:30 am, university student law school, Rafael Gomes da Silva, 25. He is accused of stealing two laptops and personal documents of students of a University Center, located in the Flores neighborhood, south-central area of ​​the capital. The crime took place this morning, around 7:20 a.m., in one of the classrooms of the educational unit.

Second or delegate, police team has been deployed for the direction of the University Center, Rafael after stealing the objects of two law students from the morning shift. In this ocasion, victims, a man of 43 years and other 47 years, left laptops inside their backpacks, in the classroom, as they went to the canteen of the place.

"As Rafael was studying at the University Center on the night shift, he had free access to the place. At the time of the offense, he was the morning watching the victims with their electronics and, to see that the men would leave the room, Rafael came in and stole laptops. however, one of the victims noticed the strange behavior of the offender and saw that he was wearing a shirt in volume, immediately the victim told a site security, time the individual went to the toilet and hid the stolen objects ", He explained the holder of 23 DIP.

Also according Henrique Brazil, civilian police identified the theft through the place security system. As the police authority, a woman who works as general services of the University Center, located the stolen objects inside a wastebasket.

"Rafael tried to flee the scene by jumping from the second floor, However, He ended up fracturing both ankles, It was when we arrest him. He was taken to a hospital for medical care,"Brazil reported.

The man was apprehended in the act of theft. The police unit was refereed bail in the amount of R $ 2 one thousand. As or delegate, if the bond is not paid by the student, it will be forwarded to the custody hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, San Francisco neighborhood, area south of Manaus.

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